It all started with a dream…
Where could I be slightly vulnerable, talk about the Lord, brag about my son, show off my garden and spout off about pop culture? How could I let people into my brain?
Mom said, “You need a blog!”
Moments later we hung up the phone and “Parisienne Farmgirl” was created.

I know I have not been keeping up very well in the few weeks but if you have ever carried life you know the “to-do” and “honey-do” list becomes longer as you get closer to your due date. But, in the spirit of keeping you interested, laughing and thinking I thought I would post my favorite blog entries from the last two years. Enjoy!

And for the love of Pete, if you are still one of those readers who doesn’t comment, in honor of my “anniversary” would you please just make a user name and password and drop me a critic, laugh or “amen” now and then!

PS-I was going to list ten of my favorites but a pain to look these all up! Here are a couple and if you remember any that you really liked please let me know!

Drum Roll Please…In no particular order…Click to remember…
1. “Monday’s Sermon” (The one where that guy that chewed me out for quoting Socrates AND the Bible and not liking McDonalds.)
2. “Well I Did It” (my first entry – The one with the Wican High Priest!!!)
3. “The Obstructed View” (The one that led to me getting in trouble for calling Rosie’s mouth a “fat yapper.”
4. “Pel Mel” (The one where I whine about the media…again.)