Five years.
Five years of trying to think of creative titles, photo editing, kid bragging, political ranting and tag sale treasures.
I love blogging.
I remember the day I learned you could have one for free and I stressed and stressed over the name and then like an epiphany…
Parisienne Farmgirl.
Before there was “Fancy” or “Urban.”  
I hope, at this point the word “Farmgirl” isn’t over used.  Of course I can’t say “I used it first” but let’s say I used it earlier.
Of course I am neither a true Parisienne or a true Farmgirl.  But P.F. is about the state of my heart.  The two me’s, a variety of passions and interests united by one God.
The days of Ladies who Lunch, bridge games and going to a friends house in the mornings for coffee seem to be over… it’s darn difficult to make new friends… but not in blogland.
Here I have “met” the nicest people.  People that can be sometimes even more attentive than real life friends because of the ease of leaving and encouraging comment or email.  I have “met” girls I would kill to meet.  And the ones I have met are true gems.
The blog is a chance for me to be a total spaz, to show off creativity to people who actually care, it’s a place to make others laugh and reflect.  I know my subjects can be all over the place – but there is a pretty long stretch between a Parisienne and a Farmgirl… so that’s a lot of content to cover!
Here are a couple of my fav’s over the years:
There are other ones but darned if I can find them… ones about how funny it would be if people took Tom Cruises name in vain instead of Jesus’, my hubbys incredible master bedroom makeover and of course my standoff with the Wiccan priest in the Walmart parking lot….
Let me say, thank you so much for reading Parisienne Farmgirl, for entertaining my opinions and abundance of bragging on my chickens.  
It means so much to me.
I love blogging. 
I don’t intend to ever quit.

PS:  You will see a kind commenter posted the links for Tom Cruise, The Wiccan and more…  scared to read those again, who knows WHAT I used to say back then!!!