Happy 5th Anniversary Parisienne Farmgirl

Oct 19, 2010 | Uncategorized | 19 comments

Five years.
Five years of trying to think of creative titles, photo editing, kid bragging, political ranting and tag sale treasures.
I love blogging.
I remember the day I learned you could have one for free and I stressed and stressed over the name and then like an epiphany…
Parisienne Farmgirl.
Before there was “Fancy” or “Urban.”  
I hope, at this point the word “Farmgirl” isn’t over used.  Of course I can’t say “I used it first” but let’s say I used it earlier.
Of course I am neither a true Parisienne or a true Farmgirl.  But P.F. is about the state of my heart.  The two me’s, a variety of passions and interests united by one God.
The days of Ladies who Lunch, bridge games and going to a friends house in the mornings for coffee seem to be over… it’s darn difficult to make new friends… but not in blogland.
Here I have “met” the nicest people.  People that can be sometimes even more attentive than real life friends because of the ease of leaving and encouraging comment or email.  I have “met” girls I would kill to meet.  And the ones I have met are true gems.
The blog is a chance for me to be a total spaz, to show off creativity to people who actually care, it’s a place to make others laugh and reflect.  I know my subjects can be all over the place – but there is a pretty long stretch between a Parisienne and a Farmgirl… so that’s a lot of content to cover!
Here are a couple of my fav’s over the years:
There are other ones but darned if I can find them… ones about how funny it would be if people took Tom Cruises name in vain instead of Jesus’, my hubbys incredible master bedroom makeover and of course my standoff with the Wiccan priest in the Walmart parking lot….
Let me say, thank you so much for reading Parisienne Farmgirl, for entertaining my opinions and abundance of bragging on my chickens.  
It means so much to me.
I love blogging. 
I don’t intend to ever quit.

PS:  You will see a kind commenter posted the links for Tom Cruise, The Wiccan and more…  scared to read those again, who knows WHAT I used to say back then!!!


  1. Brynwood Needleworks

    I have only found you more recently, but I enjoy every little visit! I will have to go back and read about the Wiccan priest in the parking lot and the others you’ve mentioned. Sounds like it will be a hoot! Wishing you many more years of blogging. You’re an inspiration, girlfriend!

  2. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese

    I love reading your blog and I am so happy to hear that it’s now 5 years and counting and that we can count on seeing more of you! I agree…blogland is fun place to be. The coolest and nicest people hang out here!! Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! That is a milestone!

  3. * French Farmhouse 425 *

    ~~*Wow 5 years!!Ive only been blogging for about 3 months..but Im so glad I found your wonderful blog!! Hugs~ Rachel ;)~*~*

  4. bella

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! I ,too, need to find / read the Wican priest standoff post 🙂
    Glad I found your blog

  5. Alice

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I’ve only recently come across your blog, and I have enjoyed the journey so far. Looking forward to many more years.

    And I agree that it is very difficult nowdays to make friends outside a blog. Everyone is so busy. When I got married, we had regular card parties, ate out with friends frequently (with or without children), and even took trips with friends. But not now. Thanks for being a great blog friend!

  6. Mary

    I have been reading your blog for a few years and it is one of my favorites. 🙂 As a show of appreciation for the love and care you put into this blog, I thought I would help you out by finding those other entries. 🙂


    Tom Cruise:



  7. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    I just think you are the absolute best! Talented, passionate, quirky, Godly…what’s not to love?

    Happy 5th!!!

  8. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Congratulations on 5 years Ang. I love reading your blog. Variety is the spice of life they say. Love that your blog is all about what matters most to you.
    You also say the things that I am far too diplomatic to say! Long before the days of blogging or indeed the internet I had a penfriend in Germany. I never thought I would meet her one day but I did… three times! We are still in touch on FB. This fact gives me hope that one day I might get to meet some of the friends I have made thanks to blogging, especially those who inspire me all the time such as yourself. Every time I see a macaron I think of you!

  9. Kalee

    Happy 5th anniversary! I’m a semi-new reader but love your blog.

  10. tales from an oc cottage

    I have missed FIVE YEARS???!!! Man, do I have a lot of reading to do! You go girl! You keep right on doing just what you do!

    m ^..^

  11. Stephanie

    I’m looking forward to the next 5 years! Your blog is fantastic and always a source of inspiration. Hands down my favorite post was the laundry room contest. My laundry room is still hideous as ever!

  12. A Tale of Two Cities

    Five years–that’s quite a landmark! Looking forward to everything you have to share in the days to come.


  13. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Hi Ang! Happy Blogaversary! I am so glad we are “bloggy friends” and that we really were able to meet each other. I am so glad you never intend to quit blogging, and I hope you NEVER quit telling your true feelings about what is going on in our country, you tell the truth without fear which is a trait I respect greatly!

  14. Amy

    congrats on your milestone. enjoy your perspective on so many topics and your photos. keep on keeping on!
    love the image of you up top:)

  15. kerrie

    I just found you this year, though I have been blogging 3. Now I’ve got to go check out the Wiccan priest post!

  16. Joannah

    I started reading your blog when Amelie was born. I forget which blog I was reading, but it had a link to yours about the birth, and I was hooked! I enjoy every post, and your sweet friendship.


  17. Splenderosa

    Congratulations, darling. I read every post & understand exactly what you mean in explaining your reason to blog. Rock on!


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