style="text-align: center;">No, we are not in yet.
Probably another month.
It’s floor to ceiling boxes around here.
Probably gonna be doing a lot of vlogging lately. 
(Though the sound of my own voice gives me the heebies.)
It’s been a long week.
The farm is now carpet-free.
Oh, and a big thank you so my Sister and BIL (who kneeled into a two sided screw while pulling carpet- please pray for him, he’s a– hurtin‘). They helped us for 4 precious hours the other day. As you can imagine – with four little ones ANY help feels like the National Guard has come to the rescue.
Check back soon…
The before and afters are incredible.
Oh, and, it’s true
“La Ferme a mi-chemin does NOT work. Thanks to some helpful French major bloggers and my new Parisienne friend that I found at the kids’ AWANA club (of all places).
My own French tutor, Patrick (from Brittany) is visiting the “mother-land” and will be back on the 13th so between the two of them we hope to come up with something au français that resembles our English name of Half Way Farm – meaning that it’s our temporary farm as we save for our dream farm.
Darn French language.
(Don’t mind the Owl hanging from my mirror. It was a gift for my Niece that I was so paranoid I was going to forget to give to her yesterday so I hung it from the mirror for a week.
Now, I have been an in-town girl my entire life – (with lots of country exposure though) and one thing that IS going to be really weird is feeling alone and exposed. (Between coyotes and loons I’ll be packin’ all the time if you KWIM).   I have to say, I really like how private this farm is as you will see when we pull in the drive.  And, the area is soooooo forested and spacious at the same time.  We back up to 225 acres!!!!  I just love that! We are, after all about 50 yards from Wisconsin. We tried our best to get out of this wretched state of Illinois, but at least we’ve got one toe over the border!
Oh, and I swear, the weird sounds you hear on some of these videos are NOT me getting ready to hock one. It’s my daughter – she went thru a phase last week of making these freekazoid animal growls. Irritating. I swear there is a point on one of these videos where it sounds like a I need a spittoon. It is NOT me. It’s Miss Kitty.
More to come.
I would have posted this 4 days ago but my video camera is the size of Will Ferrell’s phone in that old SNL skit with Pierce Brosnan, and I am forever losing it. This time it was actually charging in the back of the Mac – whoopsie.
These videos look so crappy – maybe I will use YouTube the next time.
Until then.