Rental Farm Makeover!

Nov 17, 2012 | From France to the Farm, Half Way Farm | 49 comments

With moving day just two weeks away we are busting our a$$e$ like you can’t imagine.  It’s been one month and this is what we have accomplished so far…

collage of work on the kitchen
potager garden before and after
archway through to a potager garden
fence leading to barn area
wide shot of a potager garden
Have Garden, Will Transport truck with flowers
view of outdoor porch area behind a house
arbor behind house with descriptive text
herb garden walkway with descriptive text overlaid
 Yeah, yeah, I noticed the “founting” typo after I closed Pic Monkey – I ain’t going back.
corner view of potager garden with arbor
 Hoping to get some ducks and a goose – that old concrete cistern will be the duck pond.
view of pizza and wine on kitchen counter
 Gotta love the Bear Grylls knife, huh?
porch with mop and overlaying text
kids playing with farm toys on the Parisienne Farmgirl porch
dresser with white overlay with pitcher with branches
collage of work on the living room
sitting room with toys and green chairs and white floors
white room with desk and toys and air mattress
wide shot of white room with desk and toys and air mattress
collage photos of building a side of a house
man building a chicken run onto the side of a house
 Daddy and Babes finishing the run today.  Heading out first thing Saturday a.m. to pick up the chickens.
man building chicken run with baby
baby watches man build a side frame
baby dressed for fall with plank of wood
baby seated and examining nails and wood planks
baby looking inside a box of nails
wide shot of house and chicken house with overlaying text
shot of a path and through a gate with overlaying text
yard with shed and birch trees
 Yard next to the potager – future site of the pool.
We move in two weeks from tomorrow?
Do you think we can get-er-done?

Here’s hoping.    

children's bath with overlaying text

 So happy to have you on this journey with us!   Pin it and follow along as we take this little farm from drab to fab!

rental farm


  1. Stephanie

    I am seriously impressed! The transformation of the wood floors…..they are gorgeous.

  2. Blondie's Journal

    I am so happy for you and your family, Angela! How great that your garden is coming along. I really enjoyed the pics. The baby is SO big now!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. janet

    I am impressed..Holy Cow..You have gotten a lot done..Can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring..The floors are beautiful..

  4. Brenda Hodges

    Simply amazing…speaking of you personally AND the work you’ve all done!

  5. Mandy

    impressed, jealous, and THRILLED for you! do you even know how alike our dreams are? i have been scouring MLS all day looking for LAND for my babies. alas, realistically…this year has been extremely hard financially with a job change. I am praying that the Lord will bless us with something similar to yours! pray for a sister would you? praying for you sweet mama!

  6. vintage girl at heart

    wow i am tired just reading this! y’all are doing a big job in a small amount of time with all of those babies too!super farmers!!
    love what you have done and look forward to the progress.
    happy moving day!
    happy thanksgiving in advance!

  7. Splenderosa

    Angela, it is lovely seeing your family accomplish so much, following your dreams, working hard to do so, and all loving each other. I am so happy I know you, darling woman…

  8. Amy @ Homestead Revival

    I want to know what vitamins you two take! Seriously, you’ve accomplished a TON of stuff in such a short time… well done!! And it’s looking fabulous! Can’t wait to see more…

  9. Noël McNeil

    The floors are amazing, the potager is impressive, and your chicken coup is lovely. You’ve done a lot of HARD work and everything is turning out so nice. Hope these next few weeks will go by quickly and that you can start to enjoy your new home!

  10. Glynis

    Wow! You (and the family team) have achieved so much in such a short space of time – you have such a clear vision of what you want for your family home. It is lovely to see you getting your dream to come to reality.

  11. It's me

    Wowww…this is a great post !!…o my o my…i hope it is finished soon…i can’t wait…what a lovely house darling… from me….and if i life closer to you…i love too cooking for you and your familly…love love love Ria…xxx

  12. amy

    Wow!!! I love it all.
    Yes, you can totally do it! I wish you could bottle your energy and sell it. I’d pay BIG $!

    Just so happy for you all.

  13. Teri

    The living room after you took up the carpet looks great! So chic and peaceful, very excited to see the progress! Good luck with the chickens today!

  14. Homemaker Ang


    AMAZING! You are right in your element! i am so happy for you all!

    Don’t ya love not having neighbors!!! wait until summer when you and joel can head out and have a bon fire all alone with just the stars!! xo

  15. Homemaker Ang


    AMAZING! You are right in your element! i am so happy for you all!

    Don’t ya love not having neighbors!!! wait until summer when you and joel can head out and have a bon fire all alone with just the stars!! xo

  16. Homemaker Ang

    Ang, would you mind sharing with us your floor paint brand and type, etc. I have painted many of my wood floors upstairs and hoping for a better outcome as they really are now showing the wear and tare 🙂


  17. Homemaker Ang

    i still am in shock at all the work you have gotten done… oh my word girl

  18. Elma

    Oh your home and garden are going to be amazing!! The chickens will be sooo much fun. Can’t wait to see more!!!

  19. Ggomez

    Wow awesome!you all must sleep well at night!
    I have really been looking forward to this post,and miss more frequent post!
    Love love love that you brought your garden!!

  20. vintage girl at heart

    which blog is you mama’s? i want to go back and look at her summer porch and can’t remember which one she is on my blog list?!
    thanks girly.

  21. Jen O

    I have read your blog for a little while, but long enough to see that you guys are amazing! I am totally ‘wowed’ by how much work has been done so far, and the plans you have for the future. I’m sticking around to see it all happen!

  22. Violets Are Blue

    Wow – amazing amount of work done. I appreciate all the time and work involved having done smaller scale renos on previous houses. Everything is starting to look bright and like it can finally breathe again! You may want to rethink the duck pond. They will be pooping in there lots and unless you can drain and clean it easily it could be a stinking mess come summer. Jus’ saying …. Love the wine bottles and glasses – it’s what every reno needs to get through it! Patty/BC

  23. Gail Peterson

    I love the enthusiasm… It will get it done!
    The photos of the children are the best though!
    You will always look back and see them in this house at that age!!!
    Best and a Beautiful week to you…
    Gather your family up for pumpkin pie after dinner out at the farm and bless the farm with your family and take a photo of your first well… almost first Thanksgiving!

  24. Sherri

    Wow you really have gotten alot done! We move into our new house in 1 1/2 weeks!! Enjoy!

  25. Sandi~A Cottage Muse

    Wow…you guys have made great progress!! It all looks wonderful, enjoy living the dream!

  26. Pam @ Frippery

    Your hard work is showing fantastic progress. I can’t wait to see move in week!

  27. Susan Hawthorne

    Ang- those white painted floors are “to die for” gorgeous. Love where you are heading with that room! Can’t wait to see the chickens in their new home. Susan@Romancing the Home

  28. Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig

    I see I’ve missed a LOT during my extended blogging break!
    How exciting for you, Angela!!!

    Looking good, my friend. 🙂


  29. Joannah

    I am amazed at the transformation you are making there! How you manage to do so much with four little ones is impressive to me. I can only manage to get the laundry and grocery shopping done with Michaela. Many, many things have gone undone here for quite a while.

    I can’t wait to see more!

  30. Carey

    Holy wow. This makes me want a farm SO badly! Great progress! 🙂

  31. Valerie

    so very cool…loved seeing the transformation and can’t wait for more pics! You guys are doing a fantastic job!!!

  32. Kate

    Those floors. *sigh* Someday.

  33. Lady Courtney

    I’m so excited for you, sat and smiled during this entire post! I’m super envious right now about the chickens…you are all going to flourish here! 🙂 You are ready! donna

  34. Massy

    I love your blog and all of the progress you’ve made on your new home and wish you the very best with making all your dreams come true.

  35. Dana

    I am enjoying reading about your progress on the farm. Keep us posted.

  36. Nicole Slater

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the floors. I tried to get my husband to do this in the last house we were in. I seriously want to buy an old farmhouse JUST so I can paint the ratty, old hardwood floors.
    They are beautiful AND the garden is swoon worthy and it doesn’t even have anything planted.

  37. Dewena Callis

    Your family is amazing! I’m so proud of you two and the little ones. I love to see that energy and passion and look forward to following the progress. I knew the potager would be a priority even though spring seems a long way off. And the wine “cooler” next to the spray cleaning bottle? Love it!

  38. shirlgirl

    I am loving it. Enjoying this play by play so much, wish you were on one of the reality shows and you got paid for it. Can’t wait for more before and afters. Best Wishes.

  39. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese

    Wow! That is an amazing amount of progress in a short amount of time!! Everything thing looks so great. You are really making a lovely home! Looking forward to what’s next!

  40. shirlgirl

    I am not very familiar with the sod roof. What is the reason for doing it or is it primarily for the pleasing look?

  41. Theanne

    it’s looking fantastic…very you! the floors without carpet…beautiful! hope you get your sod roof!

  42. Kristie

    Holy cow! Amazing! Gorgeous! Beautiful! Fabulous! Way to rock it out girl, and with the family’s help too! Jealous? TOTALLY, but I am so happy for you!

  43. My Casa Bella

    Girl, you guys are kicking butt! Congrats, you may NEVER want to leave after you’re done, who knows maybe the landlord will sell to you down the road, one can wish, huh?! Your kids will LOVE it there, so much yard to play in. Glad the timing of plants transplant worked out for you. But I know the hard work in remodeling, we JUST got done our remodeling which I’ve been posting as well, the accomplishments are amazing.
    My Casa Bella

  44. à la parisienne


    There’s no doubt that when you have your mind set on doing something—IT GETS DONE!

    Your coop–wonderful!

    The beginnings of your potager–can’t wait to see it this coming spring!

    Your porch–gonna be a lot of fun to decorate!

    Your painted wood floors- GORGEOUS!
    I can’t help but be a little jealous, how I wish I could paint ours…probably not going to happen in this house!

    You and Joel have been working like crazy, and I know you are so thankful for his willingness to make your dreams come true!




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