The Haircut

Mar 20, 2008 | Beauty and Style | 8 comments

Once when I was in my teens my aunt Ruth told my of haircuts she used to recieve at a swanky healthclub she worked at in Chicago…she told me of haircuts where EVERY hair fell into place…I have since through a series of trial and errors advanced from horrible haircuts in a friends living room to Andrés…
Many wonder why I am willing to drive so far (and pay so much) for my haircuts. (In defense of the $ part I only go every 3-4 months, not every six weeks like most women I know). And for 6 weeks I look great and for the rest of the time I am saving to go again. I buy cheap shampoo and sometimes 99 cent lip glosses (even though my heart yearns for Chanel) but Andrés my stylist is a WIZARD and thus my vice and if you live anywhere within 200 miles of his salon a sit in his chair would be worth it. It’s been 6 years now and as long as I can help it no one else will EVER touch my hair. So why do I drive to far and skrimp and save…I thought some pictures would speak a thousand words…trust me, these were taken late at night and don’t do his work justice…the next day I had my hair in a knot and then took it down and it did not even need brushing!


  1. cityfarmer

    Let’s face it…you’re a raving beauty…and thank you Andres,too

    Truth be told I am a witness to his masterpieces!

    I would love a session in his chair.

  2. Faith


  3. Tanya

    Great hair!

  4. Farmgirl Cyn

    Oh, you little poop! Your hair always looks great! You were blessed with naturally gorgeous hair, face, etc. Let’s face it…you are one of the beautiful people!

  5. disa

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