Guess What I did Today. (Psst, it’s Macarons!)

Feb 26, 2010 | From France to the Farm, Recipes | 29 comments

 Aside from gain 400 pounds…
I made macarons! Lots of them, actually.
A cake stand is absolutely essential for macarons. Why not prop them up and make them look beautiful? Why not put them on display?
Paris food is always beautiful.
Especially if it’s not in Paris. It really classes up the joint, as a cowboy might say.
Do you prefer chocolate or strawberry? Tell me in the comments.
Zoom in on those vanilla ones…
I think I officially can say, “I make macarons.” It really is a process, and I know a lot of people who abandon the cause.
Macarons take time, patience and a lot of very specific detail. Anything with a hint of meringue has to be made with utmost care. You don’t want to thwart anything about the process. You have to treat each meringue like a little baby. Almost.
And don’t even get me started on “stiff peaks.” Anyone who has mixed anything up ever will know what I’m talking about. When is it an actual peak? When is it not? I need a grandma to look at it and tell me!!
It’s been a long week, with lots of egg whites and almonds. But I think I’ve got it down!
Oh girls, these are as good as they look.
Sinfully good.
 (And they’re gluten free, for my gluten free family and friends! Everyone can join in on these sinfully delicious things.)
I feel like Juliette Binoche in Chocolat trying to sabotage your Lent!
My apologies. But not really. They’re too good.
Wouldn’t these be lovely as a gift for a friend instead of a whole Easter basket?
I may actually want a basket full of macarons for some holiday.
Maybe for a birthday?
Or maybe that’s how we should celebrate Mother’s Day from now on. Yes.


  1. Victoria

    GF version pleeease. They are beautiful. Maybe worth the stomach pain from trying just one..

  2. Berlin Deluxxe

    As soon as you have a batch up for sale I’m going to buy some with the excuse that they are for my son. 😉

  3. Bonnie

    I’ve never had one of those and they look so incredibly good! I can’t find them anywhere in the stores here in Los Angeles. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right places. Yours look beautiful enough to be in a fine French bakery! Is the recipe a secret? 😉

  4. Corinne.

    Hummmm comme ils sont appétisants !!!
    Un bon thé avec tout ça !

  5. Amy

    ok where are they?
    where are they to buy?
    your photos are magical
    brilliant depth and colors

  6. Jenny

    Yes, yes, yes. Gorgeous!

  7. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    I’m sure those are DELISH…I’ve never had a french macaroon…I know, so Midwestern. But I wanted to make sure you knew HOW BEAUTIFUL they are in their picture. You do wonderful work!

  8. Jen

    They look so delightful and yummy and happy!

  9. Joy

    Cool idea! And they look luscious! And that reminds me, I want to pick up a DVD of Chocolat–I loved that movie. And Johnny Depp didn’t look too bad either.

  10. My Casa Bella

    GF!!! Did you convert the original recipe to be GF or is there actually a GF recipe for these? I’m doing GF and its hard to find goodies that taste good. How exciting!! I didn’t realize you cook GF, is this personal preference or needed in your household? MMMM, they look so good.
    congrats on this wonderful accomplishment, you made these with three little children at home…wonderful

  11. Sit A Spell

    I saw you at Jonis blog, Old Cent farmhouse and had to say HI. Love your blog title and I can relate. My intersts, in life, can be so very polar opposite as well. I love to ride horseback yet also love attending High Tea.

    You have some amazing photos here lady! Those look delightful.

  12. Lorilee

    MMMM they look delish!

  13. Mrs. B.

    They are perfect! Those photos make me soooo happy.

  14. Gina

    you have a beautiful website, I’m enjoying reading through it

  15. The Norwegian

    These look heavenly! I avoid flour when I can so GF is a plus.
    These really do present nicely. Very tempting!

  16. BonjourRomance

    These looks so delicious, how do you find the time? I have been collecting macaron recipes but have yet to work up the nerve to actually attempt it. Here in Paris I’m forever inventing excuses for running to the store for something or other and as soon as I hit the streets I make a beeline to the closest patisserie – of course I’ve been getting the mini macarons so that it dosen’t really county right?
    Seriously you are amazing, and I’ve just found your French bread recipe that I am going to try. Do you think you could let have a peek at this recipe? I know you are busy, busy and I so appreciate you taking time to visit and your kind comment. How is that new baby and big brother and sister?
    Bonne Sunday!

  17. The Norwegian

    Oooh, La La! I think you’ve done it! I went to the Laduree website to educate myself. Your macaron look tres jolie to me. La pied…aahh, the details. If you get these perfected and put them on Etsy I may have to try them. What a charming endeavor! I am all about things British so would have to go to Laduree Londres – which I’d love to do!

  18. annie

    It’s only about 15 minutes and I can be there!!
    Surely someone OUTSIDE of the family need to REALLY taste test these!

  19. Victoria

    I can now attest that these are wonderful! The pistachio are the best so far.

  20. eatlotsachocolate

    Fabulous!! I love those things, I have an adopted grandson that travels to Paris often and has brought me many of these delectable treats. Your’s are evry bit as gorgeous and I would bet just as delcious.
    Hope you come by and check out my blog. Happy Macarooning

  21. Kristin

    What a lovely idea! I’ve never tried that, but now I really want to! They look amazing! Your blog too btw!

    xoxo’s Kristin

  22. Homemaker Ang

    these look DELISH!!!! i would gobble them up for my backside!

  23. cityfarmer

    … better tweek the buy it now button …

    gonna need a bigger cake plate!!


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