Don’t I wish that I came up with that!  
A Growing Cents of Style is the name of the designer baby/kids resale extravaganza I attended last night!
It wouldn’t be entirely truthful for me to say I don’t care about “labels.”
If I didn’t I suppose I wouldn’t want a Louis Vuitton someday…
In many ways I don’t care but as far as quality there are some things along the way of construction, design and uniqueness that you just aren’t going to find at Target… besides, what a relief to be able to buy some things that AREN’T made in China!
It’s been two years since I have had the chance to attend this sale! I have been saving in a ball jar for this one and boy did I score big last night for the chickens!  The girls made out like bandits and Aidan did O.K. but there just wasn’t the selection for boys size 6-8.  Aidan likes to look a bit “Dapper Dan” too and isn’t really down with the whole skull t-shirt thing. 
 I am raising the kids to have a sense of style .  Classic with a touch of hilarious whimsy – which is why Aidan wears Wellies and a John Deere sock cap all summer and Amélie is known for wearing a vintage pill box hat to the grocery store.   I don’t know if that’s “OK”, I am sure not trying to teach them to be materialistic… just that how you dress DOES say something about yourself and how you respect the people around you. So far both of them have a clear idea of how they like to look and I appreciate that.  With how shabby many kids look today I figure I am doing the future generation a favor!  HA!
The next sale is in September and I hope to attend… as a new or expectant Mom I will be able to shop a day early like last night!  But I am due September 15th so we’ll see!
Check out this loot!  (This is just part of it!)
Clothing at the sale is marked at least 25% less than it’s original price.  I’ve been doing a little research this morning of labels and prices on the internet and I am guessing I bought over $1,000 worth of clothing last night.  (For a song).  Ralph Lauren Polo and Gap plaid for Aidan and a darling red Jacadi dress for Amélie!

I checked out Baby Lulu online this morning… this was a $60 dress… I got it for $9.  And how about that robin’s egg blue and brown number for Hoolie!  You should have seen her face when I put it on her!  Reminded me of her big sister’s appreciation for pretty things.

Hoolie’s Gymboree rain coat… so classic and such a hoot cause I have NEVER bought anything at Gymboree in my LIFE! Ten dollars!  AND the biggest find of the night… hold on to your designer socks girls…
A ROTHCHILD wool coat, never worn for Amélie!  HOLY CRAP!  Retails for $150.00… drumroll…  I paid $15.00!
Amélie, Hoolie and MY GRANDDAUGHTERS WILL WEAR THIS COAT and Amélie is thrilled to have a coat and muffler that looks like Madeleine!
Just like her Momma, Amélie needs a little funk with her classic so that’s where the hot pink and black ensemble comes in… we also have Janie and Jack and green toile sleeveless romper (Gymboree) for Hoolie and a darling Savannah skirt for Lee.  $27 for the four.
Finally, my little Jackie -O.  This is what I mean, this is her “stye”… is that so cute or WHAT!~
Now, I am brainstorming on how in the world I could put together a similar sale for us big girls.  Wouldn’t THAT be fun!?