Winter white means green dreams. Sigh.

I’m looking for some winter greenhouse ideas for our big conservatory makeover that’s on the schedule, but first I. need to plant succulents and fuss with my doors for the OUTdoor greenhouse coming this summer. I need all the winter greenhouse ideas!

This week I have brick wallpaper arriving and a fabulous workbench that I found at a junk shop the other day. Jonna Jinton may be able to love the winter, but my affection for it is lovingly mild:). I crave gardening season, and so a little time in my greenhouse is the perfect medicine.

I need all the winter greenhouse ideas I can get and I hope this gives you some too.

It’s SO easy being green.

Welcome to all the Homemaker Chic listeners! I love seeing you here.

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And stay tuned for the conservatory makeover and the design of the OUT door greenhouse… if I convince the hubs we need to make it happen!