Today, the due date I had given myself (tomorrow is when the midwife says I am due) we went to my moms…
Because sometimes you just need to have good conversation
Eat someone else’s food
Let your kid’s mess up someone else’s toys

And do it all without having to wear your bra.
Thanks for the distraction Mom.
Whoever you are…I just read and published you comment, and I have had a lot of funny comments in the last 4 years of blogging but yours takes the cake. I laughed so hard I thought the baby might fall out.
Here’s Katie’s comment from a post down below…

Blogger Katie said…

I HAVE A MOST BRILLIANT GUESS FOR YOUR BOY NAME!! Is it? Could it be? I’m sure it’s french, yes: sure of it! Wait. It’s Barack. Right? Am I right? Thank you, I know. The guess was nothing short of inspired! And the name for a girl is Michelle? (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist a really, really, really BAD joke. You ARE bored, aren’t you?) Hmmm… okay. I’ll go wash my mouth out with soap now and (ouch!) bite my tongue!