Me neither.  Unless you count 5 loads of laundry and Barack Obama hot!…NOT!!!

All this cooking has set me a little behind in the laundry department.  Oh, its almost all washed but thank goodness for the guest bed cause I confess that is where it is all piled.
But Princess hasn’t been the best napper this week on account of ses dents and I swear you can’t garden, work out, wash piles of veggies, BLOG, take photos and a million other things without something not getting done as it should.
You loose a pound, your laundry piles up.
You write a few blog posts, your sink doesn’t get scoured til 10 o’clock at night.
Your baby gets some teeth, the entire family looses sleep.
Something always has to give.
So, my hot date is Joel and the NOT part is Barack, McCain and hopefully a cheap bottle of wine (so I can stomach the entire thing) and 5 loads of laundry.  Too bad they don’t let all the other parties participate…now THAT might really be interesting.
Oh by the way, for those of you who have stayed up all night with a teething child (or a two year old who won’t stay in her bed – Hang in there Hendons!) don’t forget to feel sorry for Congress, rumor has it they are going to pull an all nighter tonight.
Poor pathetic babies.