Well, I am pausing for a moment to remember a great and beautiful talent.
Elizabeth Taylor.
I am an “old” Hollywood junkie and spent much of my twenties devouring every book and documentary I could on my favorite stars (none of them modest ladies like my previous post extols!).  But boy you learn a lot read those old bios and autobiographies…
Despite her crazy personal life Elizabeth Taylor is one of my favorite actresses to watch.  (And honestly the woman whose appearance I would say I covet most – I mean in her youth she was GORGEOUS was she not???
I won’t give you a mini-bio.  That is easily enough found online but I will say, this weekend if it’s been a long time since you watched a Taylor film in honor of the violet eyed beauty why don’t you pop one in?

Her work with Richard Burton is like firecrackers… The Taming of the Shrew and I
I LOVE Cleopatra (the stories behind the production are full of drama too)
and if you have been reading Parisienne Farmgirl for the last couple years you know Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one of my all time favorite movies.  Elizabeth’s raw passion threatens to consume you thru the screen as she acted the role in the throws of the real life mourning her “one true love” Mike Todd who died in a plane crash early in production.  CHTR is an incredible Tennessee Williams play turned movie with an all star cast – everyone’s acting will make you wonder what happened to true talent.  The pain is profound and the humor is subtle but enough to stick with you.  Maggie the Cat is a character I just LOVE.  In fact, that’s a self appointed nickname for me in this house – me being ornery -n- all.  
“Maggie the Cat is ALIVE!”
In fact, I think I’ll watch a bit after hitting “post”.  
I know she’s not everyones cup of tea – but what’s your Taylor favorite movie?
The Queen is dead.
Long live the Queen.
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