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Aug 5, 2009 | Spiritual | 15 comments

“The prayers of the righteous availeth much.”

So many people have been praying for us. And we have been praying, even our little darling son offers up the sweetest prayers – and now, some answers.
“They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength, the shall mount up with wings as eagles…”
Out of nowhere, rather, straight from heaven a painting job FELL into Joel’s lap on Monday evening. It’s within 40 minutes from home and it paid IN ADVANCE. The job is to paint and faux glaze the trim, doors, windows etc. on the entire first floor of a home!
This job could actually be the first step in getting some momentum to surviving this winter. We are so excited, we are so relieved and we are so grateful to God. (and to Mom for the lead!)
I am almost without words, I cried for a good half an hour when it came thru. We each feel like we can breath again, my thoughts throughout the day are not captive to that stress, I know it’s just one job but the timing and the magnitude of when it came thru will not be forgotten.
As a family we sat an took an inventory of how God has been taking care of us. Now, I know he takes care of us in much more important ways than material things but when we sat down and thought about it, here is how he has provided for us materially in the last 3 weeks alone:
-Joel’s sister had an extra digital converter box and she sent it to us. We don’t watch TV but Aidan loves the Cubs and could not watch them with our antenna.

-Our DSL internet box was going bonkers, as in rarely working and my uncle and Joel’s computer buddy called out of the blue to say he had gotten a new wireless router and did we want his? Now I am wireless and smokin‘ fast – yee ha!

-We were anxious about working with our midwife again, she is all the way in Chicago and those trips can take up to 2 hours, especially in the winter and she is thousands of dollars. (We pay out of pocket). I had prayed and Joel said, wouldn’t it be great if we could find a midwife closer that needed some painting? Without much hope (because we are Home Birth people and those midwives are few and far between) I hopped on the Internet and called the first name that came up, “God of Wonders” was her “on hold” music and when we talked she asked how we would be paying and what we did for a living, I told her “out of pocket” and “we are painting contractors” to which she replied, “Oh good, we can barter part of your fees cause I need some painting done.” I DID NOT EVEN HAVE TO ASK! A Christian midwife, close to home and willing to barter some. Unreal.

-Little jobs have trickled in here and there

-And then this big job
That is a pretty amazing list if you ask me of things we could not afford that were provided for us and of doors being opened that we could have never orchestrated.
In the past we have been big “Dave Ramsey” budget people but it has gotten pretty discouraging in the last couple years so there has really been no budget going on but we are committed to honoring God with this job by giving back to Him and spending every other dime wisely. To he who is given much, much is expected.
There are still unanswered questions for us, still more bids that need to come in and hopefully a new career altogether for Joel someday. But this day God has reminded us of his faithfulness and we feel very taken care of.


  1. Farmgirl Cyn

    Can you tell us more?
    I have been prayin’ for you guys.

  2. Joannah

    Wonderful news! God is faithful.

  3. FrenchGardenHouse

    I have tears in my eyes reading this post. It is always so encouraging to read about how our Lord provides. I am beyond happy for you and your family, sweet girl. God is good all the time, and faithful.
    xoxo Lidy

  4. liggy girl

    God IS Great! I totally can relate. Anytime I’m in need he provides. That is wonderful and I’m so happy for you. Isn’t faith amazing?! I’m constantly explaining how he works in those ways that we can’t really explain. xox

    Loving your blog!

  5. Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm

    WOW!!! Yes he does provide!!

    I am wiping tears too.

    I love the midwife story …. be still my heart. My husband has an excavating business and we can sometimes barter his work for some great things in return. Right now we are bartering for a strapping young mans work (construction etc)in turn for his young family to get their land cleared with the dozer. I love me some bartering. Wish I could barter with my doctors!!!!

    Big hugs to you and yours!

  6. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    I am so happy for your family! I know that it’s always darkest before the dawn and am glad that Joel is on his way to a new job! What a testimony! And God hearing your mother’s heart on the midwife thing…too precious! You will be able to tell your little one someday all about this!

  7. Buttonchief7

    God is so good. And His ways are higher than our ways. May He continue to bless your family and our nation.

  8. Bonjour Madame

    Praise Him! This is wonderful news and I love hearing about answered prayers. It’s amazing how He weaves it all together in the most perfect way so that it’s just what you need. I am so happy for your family!

  9. amanda

    You are so sweet, thankyou for being my follower “no2”. I said a prayer for you and your family, i too have been in the same position, and its not nice, but just remember, life is good, and ‘this too shall pass’. Something always turns up when we need a little help, and we all know where the help comes from. i have complete faith we are being taken care of. Try not to worry, and relax a little enjoy your children and pregnancy, time goes so fast.
    Amanda….C’est La Vie…..

  10. Anne Marie

    when you are open to life, you keep the door open to God…..He is Life.

    -i know, profound at 7 am –

    I am SO glad to hear everything is okay……so very glad.

  11. Vickie

    I popped over for a visit this morning and read back a few posts. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with the poor economy especially when you should be joyous that you carry new life. I’m glad God is answering your prayers and that your faith and trust are in Him & His glorious grace.

    I’d like to add one more verse for you to ponder. I ran across this several years ago and have drawn from its strength in hard times myself. It’s in Isaiah 42:3 and again in Matt. 12:20.

    “A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out, till He leads justice to victory.”

    …. some thoughts from myself and my commentary…

    “Those that are weak he will be tender of; those that have but a little life, a little heat, that are weak as a reed, oppressed with doubts and fears, as a bruised reed, that are as smoking flax, as the wick of a candle newly lighted, which is ready to go out again, he will not despise them, will not plead against them with his great power, nor lay upon them more work or more suffering than they can bear, which would break and quench them, but will graciously consider their frame…”

    It gave me such comfort to know that He knows how weak and vulnerable we are and He is tender towards us. He’s not going to give us more than we can handle. And don’t you know that when we have faith and trust in Him, even tho weak sometimes, it makes Him SO proud of us!!! And it builds our faith for the next time!

    Sorry this is so long. Just wanted to share these verses with you. I know what comfort and strength they and other verses have provided for me. You are in my prayers, dear.

  12. Faith

    That is so wonderful!!!! Praise the Lord!! I can’t wait for our visit!!!

  13. Farmchick

    I just found your blog through the “Stick Horse Cowgirls” and I am enjoying it very much. So glad for your good news.

  14. Berlin Deluxxe

    A warm loving hug to you, and your family…

  15. Betty

    Don’t we serve an awesome God? I just stand back in amazement as He goes before us working things for our good and His glory…

    By chance are you related to savycityfarmer? The two of you remind me of each other…I enjoy her postings….

    Best wishes…Betty


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