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Oct 30, 2008 | On Motherhood | 8 comments

I had a bizarre occurrence today.  For a wonderful moment in time I felt like a good mom.

 I do “things” in my mothering that I would qualify as “good.”   I call them “good” because when I see other Moms doing them I think, “Now there’s a good Mom.”  Most of these things fall under the category of “Sanctimommy” or “Domestic Psycho” –  My friend Ang educates her children and has these amazing lists for every member of the family on her fridge that keep the Eclectic Culture Farm a fine running machine, (She’s gonna have to find a new place to post her lists though!), my friend Sarah is always, always, always was ON TOP of a portrait schedule with her kids, lugging them to the studio to get every chapter of life chronicled, amazing – I hate going to the mall for anything relating to children, my Mom took us faithfully to the little Creston library and instilled a love of reading in us, Beth actually enforces the “no sugar, no chips” etc rule where as I am prone to give in for special occasions,

I could go on and on…

I am sure I have good moments when I am in fact a “good mom” but today the actual feeling of accomplishment washed over me and quite frankly, I enjoyed it.

Let’s face it, I have a lot of hobbies and as a mom the responsibilities are endless, the play time, the art time, listening to music, reading together, the blog, the cooking (together) there’s the garden, the veggies, the laundry; I live in a constant state of “trying to accomplish” and I am pretty task orientated and rather competitive even with myself so I find that the demands I put on myself put me in a state of feeling constantly behind the 8 ball.

 Yesterday I let all that go.  Laundry sat in the washer, I did not work out and the blog sat un-updated.  Instead of my usual routine that rarely leads to a feeling of final accomplishment, instead of all the lists mental and written, instead of the post office and correspondence (including some LONG LONG LONG OVERDUE THANK YOU NOTE’!!!!)…Instead, I spent every spare moment of the day creating a costume for myself and for Aidan for the afternoon party we were invited to.

I could have just made one for Aidan but when he asked me what I was going “be” how could I resist but join him in the festivities?  You know, at some point you become that Mom who doesn’t want to get her hair wet in the pool but upon that rare occasion; no matter how hard you try, it does happen; you become “her” — But deny my son a mom with an imagination enough to throw on a costume and have some fun? Well, not yet, hopefully, not ever.

 After all, Daddy was not going to be around to be “Buzz” so “Woody” HAD to have his “Jesse!”

 Yesterday (in between the sippy cup refills and battling naps with a forever teething 10 month old) I cut out cowhide shapes out of black felt, I traced out a vest and cut armholes, I attached wooden curtain rings to the backs of our outfits to resemble pull strings, I drew big black doll-like eyeliner around my eyes with two circles of pink “dolly blush”, I even dug out Mr. Potato Head for Amélie who was going to be “Molly”…the cowhide chaps and vest took FOREVER but  with each squirt of the hot glue gun my contentment soared.  It was beyond euphoric.

 The party was immediately after nap time and so while Aidan slept and Amélie hollered I got ready.  I dusted off my cowboy boots and set a little red hat back on my head, attached my yellow cuffs…by the time Aidan woke up Mom was “Jesse” from Toy Story II.

 I heard him stumble out of bed and come to the top of the stairs and that is where I greeted him.  I could see he was going to do his, “I just woke up so I think I’ll be pissy” routine but as the sleep cleared from his eyes his smile grew and grew.  The realization of just what a “costume” was dawned on him as he scanned my face and outfit.

Next it was his turn and he was giddy in a way I had never scene.  Plaid shirt, cowhide vest with “pull string”, brown felt “boots”- I attached his “Sheriff” star and we were off.  When we got to the party everyone else was in Mom uniform…khakis or jeans but I was beyond proud to be the only Mom dressed up, I could tell Aidan was proud too.

The praise I received from Joel for going in costume and for making our own homemade outfits added to my happiness.

 Look, I am not trying to sound pathetic here but how often do we as women say, “Yes, I did something great today!”  Much less even THINK the thought.  Every add on TV or radio reminds us how busy we are and how we will never measure up whether it’s our figures or the meals we put on the table.

 Today, I felt like a good mom and I enjoyed it darn it!

 PS- I know it’s rather anti-climactic but there was no time for photos but we will put our costumes on again tomorrow and you can bet I will be posting them!!!



  1. Joannah

    You are a good mom! I impressed with your creativity.


  2. Life in the 'Burbs

    Your final thought was my final thought….where’s the pics??? You sound like you guys were sooo cute, I love it! We will miss trick or treating with you tonite though :o( Accompanying me will be Darth Vader (with a friend going as Princess Leah) a good witch (not my best judgement for a costume but it was free) and the cutest cutest pirate you will ever see! I just can’t wrap myself around making a homeade costume and I always admire how creative you are with those. Have fun!!!

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Daddy is going tonight – hot gluing Buzz Lightyear together as I type!
    We were not allowed to buy our costumes growing up and looking back the photos are hilarious – Ill post some of those too. I thought, Hey, I love my hot glue gun anyways so why ruin a good tradition.
    I MUST see your pics – We miss you guys so much.

  4. Homemaker Ang

    you are “that good mom!”

    you are much too complimentary 🙂

    we have the new list on the counter now 🙂

  5. Faith

    You are amazing!!! Sounds like a great day and so cool to surpise Aidan with your costume. That must have been quite a moment!!!!

  6. ssuzanness

    Ang, you are not only a good mom…you are an AMAZING mom!! your babies are very lucky!!!

  7. Berlin Deluxxe

    Aww this post had me teary eyed, my mom was and still is a great mom, and I know if I do what she did for us for my son everything will be okay 🙂
    Hooray to all us Great Moms out there!


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