A Good Dad.

You don’t have to have had a good example to be a good Daddy.
You’re own memories may be dreadful… but you set those aside when you hold that first baby in your arms.  
(You may even deliver a couple of them yourself)
You pick up a book or two in the little spare time you have while you are slugging it out to provide (or at least you listen attentively while your wife tells you about the latest parenting book she has read:)
You take your family to church.
You pray with them.
You strive to be like THE Father.
You forgive your own Dad and establish a kind, caring relationship with him in order to bless him in his later years.
You love your wife as Christ loves the Church… giving your kids a security that will take them into adulthood.
You don’t have to have had a good example to be a good Daddy.
My chicken’s Daddy is a testimony to that.


9 thoughts on “A Good Dad.”

  1. what an awesome tribute to the “chicken daddy” (lol)

    on this day, it doesn’t seem like we can ever express to our husbands really how awesome they really are…

    have fun today decorating!

  2. There’s no time like the present to make a new beginning and stop the sins of the fathers. A true Daddy is provider, protector, priest and prophet. Your post is wonderful and so glad your husband is a Godly man.

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