Gone Country…

Oct 21, 2008 | Homesteading, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 2 comments

Well, I haven’t but the “other Ang” has.

That’s right folks, the commenter/blogger known as “HomemakerAng” has gone country – as in all the way, as in “Everything Amish except the religion!”  (I don’t think you can believe in speaking in tongues and be Amish…can you?)
Anyways, after the day I have had, technologically speaking, I think I may be soon to follow. After today I think I would relish crapping in saw dust and wishin John Boy and good night after the sun has set!
Little Miss “Angela Joy Photography” botched somebody’s wedding photographs by deleting them after uploading them onto a storage website but not before not backing her files up.  Genius.  I mean it takes a real wizard, ya know?  The problem is I inadvertently clicked a button that TOTALLY lowered the quality of each photograph when I uploaded them.  Unreal.
I’m just trying to make a bloody dime before NoBama obliterates the middle class!  Can I get an a-men?  But if “time is money” than I am broker that I thought since I have spent HOURS trying to relocate lost files.  After wasting a precious evening, I think I may have salvaged something but let’s just say this poor couple won’t be able to print any 16×24’s if you know what I mean.
Speaking of “The One” and his twisted version of caring for the “least of these” – today I heard that the state of New York is considering putting forth some bill or something that would require that state employees take two weeks unpaid vacation and that their salaries would then go to “Those behind you” (as B.O. would say) as a way to strengthen the economy.  Well, well, the redistribution begins.
I’m getting really mad about the whole “messiah” worship and the fact that people won’t even listen or acknowledge any insight into this guy and what he is going to do to this country!  Talk about blind faith.  I swear, the minute you say ONE THING negative about the guy people just shut down!  People keep comparing the havoc he is going to reek to that of Carters presidency – I beg to differ.  I think we aint seen nothin yet!
God bless my Gramma!  She is right on- this weekend she inquired when we are going to lay down a plan as a family in case we all need to follow “HomeMakers” lead and unplug and move on down to live off the land.
So pardon me, but after today and with the threat (YES, THE THREAT) of Barak Obama leading this country, the threat of OPEC sticking it to us again in the next week or so, the threat of food costs rising 6% this year and 6% next year – the thought of padding out to an outhouse to read a book hovered over sawdust isn’t sounding so bad!


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  2. Alpaca Farmgirl

    I appreciate your concerns about OBAMA. I don’t get it that so many think he’s attractive. I don’t think he’s hot. Nerdy, maybe. Hot, no.


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