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I know I’ve shared this on Youtube with you, but I had to take the time to share with you a few stills from my day at Giverny. My fourth trip to Paris and first trip to the iconic home of this incredible artist. Did you know that our Sur le Rocher design is very much inspired by Giverny?  The first time I saw this house and the big blank front yard, I KNEW I had to have my very own Giverny with gardens in the front of the house instead of the back.

But I digress.  I simply wanted to share a few (unedited) snaps here… maybe someday I’ll wax poetic about the design of this incredible space but for now… here are simply a few shots of this place that brought me to tears.

Have you been? Do tell! In what season? How did you enjoy? What was your favorite room? Mine for sure was the kitchen… and the colors… and the bridge….no wait, it was the green…

Guess I better go back so I can decide:)

Meanwhile… Our very own Giverny is here. And I’m so thankful.

PS: Don’t forget you can join me in Paris in 2024!


  1. Scott Jones

    A comment on your attire for the visit: Appropriately casual, colorful, & stylish – perfect for the occasion, and an occasion it was indeed.
    I have an Aunt, an artist, who is just as fearless as Monet was when it comes to color. I could see her doing, and successfully getting away with, an all yellow dining room too.
    So just keep on keeping on in Door County.
    Your version of all this continues to impress.

  2. Christine

    Absolutely beautiful!❤️

  3. Kim Lucak

    Lovely photos! I like how you wore the “green” to match Monet’s green 🙂 so FUN!!!!

  4. Jeannie Tillery

    Just absolutely gorgeous. It would be difficult to leave that place. I think I’d want to move right in.

  5. NITA Hiltner

    Love your pond, it is gorgeous.

  6. Alicia

    Beautiful, you fit right in! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Paula Johnson

    Your “very own Giverny is here.” And it is as charming as Monet’s garden! You have done a masterful job of building your French country house and garden, Angela.

  8. Cindy

    Yes, I have been – two years ago. It is one of my most favorite places I have EVER been. Loved the kitchen most, but for sure the entire house. And the grounds: I’ve never seen anything thing like them! Magnificent!


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