If you haven’t entered, go ahead and do so now for next weeks drawing… (all previous comments will be part of next weeks drawing)!!!

And I promise, I will have the kids draw like my last giveaway… we just walked in from THE shower and they were exhausted… as am I!
See you in a week!

If you have no idea what I am talking about – read on!~Okay Girls…
It’s about that time.
I need a break.
I don’t want to…
There are so many fun posts swirling around in my head…
But there are a lot of other things swirling around up there too!
Man Cub is on the cusp of being able to read on his own and after our self proclaimed Spring Vacation this week he and I are ready to crack down and get-er-done. I am so proud of him!

Little Sister’s bridal shower is a week away and that calls for big sister to make and assemble a Ladurรฉe style macaron tower! Full of my Parisian macarons of heady flavors…. oh my gosh… wait ’til you see the styling of this shower!!!! Never mind find an outfit to accommodate my new “thicker” figure, buy a gift, screw my head on tight, etc…

The big garden project from last fall needs attention if it’s ever going to be done (though the two inches of SNOW we are supposed to get is not going to help)

I have been a re-decorating fool around the house and have more ideas I am anxious to get out of my brain and into real life….

Fifi’s book signing at Sentimental Gardens in Geneva that Mom is in charge of planning… she is so gracious… I get to “feel” like I am involved!!!

AND, of course, Shop the Shed… oh-my-goodness… if you are even THINKING of coming… I don’t even know what to say… it’s going to be amazing! For our first sale the line was CLEAR down the driveway (IN THE RAIN!) I wouldn’t be surprised if this one stretches around the BLOCK!

The reasons for my much needed pause go on…

and on and on…
Reality is saying loud and clear,
So, I bid you a short but sweet “Adieu
and leave you an opportunity to win a GORGEOUS copy of…
of course…

Mom’s Porch’s “spread”… The Parisienne Farmhouse article is the one just before hers! How cool is that to be in a book right next to yo’ Momma??

To be entered:
Simply become a follower (leave a comment if you do).
for those who already follow
leave a comment.
To be entered again:
Do a small post about my little giveaway/put it on your sidebar. Use any photographs you’d like or feel free to grab the button on my sidebar!
There are going to be TWO winners!
One for each week of my “Getaway”!One announced on April 3rd
(closes midnight on the 2nd CST)
One on April 10th!!!
(closes midnight on the 9th CST)


I will miss you but I will be back, refreshed with TONS of photos, stories and inspiration!
(For those who don’t want to wait or “play the odds”, I have the books available for sale!
ย I ship on Fridays and Mondays. See Sidebar.)