Getting Nervous…

The ice is continuing to grow, it’s 9:00 p.m. and the dumb delivery company still has not called to set up a time for tomorrow.

I have my heart set on TOMORROW people!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Getting Nervous…”

  1. Ange,
    LOL – your fridge. I may have the very same one. I’m looking for that ice… the main level fridge has begun to freeze things if they are stored in the back. Must say this unit has been loyal up to now.
    I took the time to read through many of your past posts and love them. You are a natural writer! Your kids are delicious. It’s a privilege to check out your blog.
    You are a natural at expressing yourself!! Hoping you remember me -Your Mom and I go WAY,,,WAY back.
    Love! Kathy

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