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Getting Cozy…

Here in the Parisienne Farmhouse things are getting cozy.  
We are wrapping up our huge garden project that I can’t wait to share with you, planning our winter menu’s, pulling out the long sleeved jammies and sleepers…  and of course, getting in plenty of time at the Lego bench!
There is so much to share with you but I’ve been working into the night every night… can’t wait though!…
Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Getting Cozy…”

  1. It is time to get cozy here in the South too-finally some cooler weather! Today it is raining too. Wish I was home with a cup of tea, a quilt and a book :)!

  2. Hey there, I had a quick question. I have asked before but forgot to check back to the thread to see if you answered! I have a short memory :p DO you give out your recipe for Meringues??? I go to a cookie party every year and when I sae your post about your “perfected” recipe and the beautiful colors I thought they would be wonderful to try!

  3. It is getting cooler by the hour here in South Georgia (FINALLY!!)!
    We should be able to have a fire in the frieplace tomorrow!!

    Cant wait to see what you’ve got going.
    I love kids in PJ’s!! I think I take a picture of my grand in every new set of PJ’s I buy her!!!

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