Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

Most of us did not learn to garden from a book.  
Sure, we learn some snippets along the way from our favorite coffee table books full of gardens we could only dream of but most likely someone, at one time invited us out to the dirt and planted the seed for a love of the garden.   Let us together head out to the dirt again and learn from each other.  It is important to stay inspired during the wet, cool spring as you wonder if ANYTHING will ever grow back as it was.  
So, I simply must know.  I want to hear it all.  What inspires you, what moves you and a few of your fail safe tricks –  Leave your comments/answers and I will combine them in an upcoming post!  If you would like, you can email your favorite photograph from your garden too!

What is your first memory of gardening?

Who taught you to garden?

How many hours a week do you garden?

What is your favorite flower to grow?

What do you have no luck growing no matter how many times you’ve tired?

Have you ever “relieved yourself” outside or in your garage so you wouldn’t track dirt in your house or have to take off your shoes?

Speaking of shoes…are you a wellies person, ratty old tennis shoes or clogs?

What is your best garden trick?

What is your favorite, sweat dripping in your face, gardening beverage?

What garden “rules” do you break?

What garden has inspired yours the most?  It could be a magazine article from years ago, a visit to a French chateau etc…

What “holds you back” in your garden?

Are you an a.m. gardener or p.m. gardener?

Have you ever ran to Home Depot with dirt on your face?

Do you have other gardens designed floating around in your head?

What is your philosophy, “more is more” or “less is more”?

What is your favorite garden book?

What is your favorite famous garden?

And last but not least, when you are done with this blog will you be heading out to the garden?