style="text-align: center;">Bonsoir Ladies,
A few gardening questions came thru on my most recent post so I thought I’d ask if there were any others and put them in a formal blog post.  Maybe make a bi-weekly thing of it for the spring/summer… we’ll see.
Not that I am all that, a master gardener or anything…but I have been playing in the dirt for about fifteen years now and during that time I have designed a handful of gardens for myself and others, wasted plenty of time & money on trial and error, had gardens published, taken over by weeds and enjoyed them full of splendor tooIf you have any questions you would like answered, be them floral or veggie please do so in the comment box and I will answer them as best I can by Monday morning.  
Bon Weekend.
Wait til you see my latest project
(another beautiful day here in Illinois)
“Madame Épouvantail” 
Much Affection
(God is so Good!!!)
Parisienne Farmgirl