My days of Andrés the Amazing are most likely over, my incredible, oh so talented, “WHO cuts your hair?” stylist charges well, A-lot and I have N-ONE these days for that kind of luxury.
Thankfully, a family friend who is the most skilled nail tech I have ever met is going back to her roots and though she is blonde there is no pun intended. But she is renewing her stylist license and we have a smart little arrangement worked out. – I shot her daughters senior photos (some seen here) and in return I get my fees worth of manicures, pedicures and hair cuts. Sa-weet! She even comes to my house and brings an offspring of her own to watch mine during the proceedings!
My May Anna haircut.
Styled after Audrey Tautou in “Priceless”
– what can I say? I love that girls hair!

It’s been a few months since my last cut (above photo) since I did not want to have to excuse myself to go puke even if it was my own kitchen so now thick and shaggy and with creepy long old chinese man type pregnancy fingernails I will be thrilled to welcome Anna the Amazing and her built-in babysitter over this morning for a manicure (the best you will ever get),
pedicure (good bye garden feet) and much needed hair cut!
The photo on the left was shot a couple weeks ago – shaggy in need of a thinning and out of control! I know, thick hair is a blessing but it’s also alot of work and to look good it needs GROOMING – even to look relaxed and natural.

Though I am not a 93 pound French ingenue my hair cut today will be inspired by Audrey Tautou in the new Chanel No. 5 movie, directed by my favorite Jean Pierre Juenet both of “Amélie” fame. Audreys hair typifies French women’s hair for me, carefree looking and oh-so-sexy. Not over-coifed like American hair can be.
In honor of Anna’s arrival I am walked, showered, shaved, shampooed, waxed (armpits, moustache and chin…HELLO!!!), I am Chanel No. 5ed from my head to my toes, I did a great session of home microdermabrasion and my skin feels as smooth as glass which if you haven’t tried as an old BeautiControl consultant I’d be happy to hook you up with the kit…I even tweezed those pesky hairs on my left boob!
Did I just write that?
By this afternoon I shall feel like a new woman!!! With the layer of embeded dirt in my fingernails…well, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This little movie is exquisite and hopefully my work up today will be too!!!

Je suis trés excité!!!

Mute “Ella” at the bottom of my screen first!