The blog post is way down under these photos.

The Parisienne Farmhouse – Christmas Style

My favorite idea this year – why leave La Tour out all alone in the snow drifted garden???

So Long Mess!

Get out the Shop Vac!

With over 200 glass ornaments around the house – a new record this year!  NOT ONE BROKEN!!! (With a one year old, three year old and a husband!!!)

Til next year!

My obsession with fresh greens turns my mantel into a mess!  Urrrrrr…..


Oh so clean….

And ready for spring.

Amélie, Domestic Goddess in training.

Mom took the babes (the oldest) for the night the other night and what did I do with my free time?  Did I practice my Tango?  Did I practice French, scrapbook or even BLOG for that matter????  Nope.  I de-Treed.  I typically keep my Christmas stuff up ’til the 6th but I had the need, the need for clean and I couldn’t take it anymore.  Let me put it this way, when I found a pine needle in my BRA the other night I knew the tree had to go!!! 

I love to clean (at least I love to hunker down and clean uninterupted, chickens pulling on my pant legs make it not as enjoyable) and so while I didn’t get to any hobbies or spa-like bubble baths I AM ready to will in Spring with my neatly arranged first floor.  Ahhhhhhhhh…..