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The blog post is way down under these photos.

The Parisienne Farmhouse – Christmas Style

My favorite idea this year – why leave La Tour out all alone in the snow drifted garden???

So Long Mess!

Get out the Shop Vac!

With over 200 glass ornaments around the house – a new record this year!  NOT ONE BROKEN!!! (With a one year old, three year old and a husband!!!)

Til next year!

My obsession with fresh greens turns my mantel into a mess!  Urrrrrr…..


Oh so clean….

And ready for spring.

Amélie, Domestic Goddess in training.

Mom took the babes (the oldest) for the night the other night and what did I do with my free time?  Did I practice my Tango?  Did I practice French, scrapbook or even BLOG for that matter????  Nope.  I de-Treed.  I typically keep my Christmas stuff up ’til the 6th but I had the need, the need for clean and I couldn’t take it anymore.  Let me put it this way, when I found a pine needle in my BRA the other night I knew the tree had to go!!! 

I love to clean (at least I love to hunker down and clean uninterupted, chickens pulling on my pant legs make it not as enjoyable) and so while I didn’t get to any hobbies or spa-like bubble baths I AM ready to will in Spring with my neatly arranged first floor.  Ahhhhhhhhh…..


  1. Nancy

    Doesn’t it feel good to have it all clean up! What a cutie…and she knows just how to clean it up dosen’t she! Blessings, Nancy

  2. Shawna

    Love that feeling, I know just what that feels like to have the needles all cleaned up.

    It’s the 6th today, so I’m pulling down the last of the decor in our home today, the fake tree is closed up for one more year.

    Happy Clean Home!

  3. Simply Dandy

    Ang, your home is fabulous, it looks tres chic!! I couldn’t wait to get my Christmas decor down this year. I needed that uncluttered clean fresh look, I was craving it! I have to have order in my house…LOL!

    Still praying about the job!!


  4. Victoria

    I want to cry when I see your beautiful house- I miss it!! Also, your precious little daughter is so adorable. I think I could spend days hanging out with her.

    Still praying for you, btw. Any word? Love to all four of you.

  5. Farmgirl Cyn

    House looks all spiffed up for spring…now comes patience.
    Talked to your mom early, early this AM…hopefully some good will come concerning the work situation. We are in the same boat, as are many, many others.

  6. cottage remnant

    What a lovely warm and inviting room….peaceful

  7. Homemaker Ang

    now if Spring would just get here already! Our tree was down Dec 27. The wood stoves dried it completely out and we had put it up Dec 15!

  8. cityfarmer

    and I got quality pizza, popcorn, movie, slot racing gram-time.!!!!!

    I can see the sparkle from here!

  9. Faith

    Looks Beautiful!!!

  10. Cote de Texas

    your living room is so beauitful! I love the pictures of your little girl cleaning up – priceless!


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