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2nd, Wow.

The other day when I shared my “Paint with Me” video, I wrote to you about how makeovers don’t happen in a 27-minute TV show.

Ain’t that the truth?

(And pardon me, I abhor the word “ain’t” and only use it here for dramatic purposes:)

Our unfitted kitchen makeover has been a six-year process with great pauses due to time constraints, budget, and reality. This week, in preparation for our apparently NEVER arriving tile, we needed to tear out what was left of the kitchen cabinets. They have to be gone for the new flooring anyway so with forward motion being my drug of choice, it was time for the cabinets to GO, but…

This ain’t HGTV.

A screen shot from a November video about the kitchen showing the cabinets on the left we’ll be removing in today’s video.


Demo day meets filming for YouTube meets homeschool meets people that expect three meals a day meets living in Siberia where there are NO carryout restaurants open Monday through Friday during the winter.

(Meets Perimenopausal terrifying PMS)

So, our long-paused unfitted kitchen story recommences today with the destruction of the broken, chipped, sticky, stained kitchen cabinets and their very timely death. (Not to mention what lies beneath). I’ve told you for years that this kitchen photographs fabulously but in real life, it’s a Kardashian without Photoshop. Yes, standing there in person is a whole ‘nother story.

So, in today’s story, you’ll get a glimpse at 40 years worth of weird stains behind the cabinets (only 6 of which we are responsible for), lost baby bibs that brought tears to my eyes, and some heartfelt, documented expressions about how the kids and I felt about our ‘new home’ six years ago.

What does this have to do with 27-minute makeovers and my disdain for that fake look at what is presented with reality?

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy, unfitted kitchen complete transformation (for the next few months).

‘Shameless opportunity to use content from Marilyn Monroe’s first movie here and to invite you to join me on my Youtube channel over the next few months as we try to FINISH the kitchen idea I’ve had swirling around for years now.

I’m here for it. I’m glad you are too.

-Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl

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