Oh man did we hit the jackpot this morning!  Joel was home (that sounds good but it’s really not) and he chaufered us around for two hours in the stormy, rainy, tornado watch ridden weather.  The family would stay in the car while I would jump out and make my purchases in between lightening bolts!!!  What a riot!

You haven’t been garage “saleing” til you have been with my son, he sit’s in the car and yells loud enough for everyone to hear, “Is it junk Mom or is it a good one?”  If I get back in the car empty handed and say, “It was junk baby” he say’s “Why people got junky stuff?”

Being so sick the last few weeks I have not posted about some other goodies a couple Friday’s ago so I am going to try to catch up – and lest I forget, yesterday I walked to a local rummage sale and found some goodies too!  My non-puking moments are beginning to outnumber by puking ones – PRAISE THE LORD!
This morning was really a hit though, I spent no more than $17 on the following items: Walkie Talkies for Aidan (we had been wanting to get those for him for months), a “vintage” walker for this next baby – should be a riot on our wood floors, a new clamp on seat for the dining room table, a tomato cage, a tri-pod for my camera, a whole handful of wonderful kitchen knives, spatulas, a can opener (blue none-the-less and we NEEDED one, we have been opening our cans with a Swiss army knife for the last couple weeks), 3 yellow Pyrex ramekins, two sa-weet chartreuse colored pillows, and a “big boy” bike for Aidan, an adorable dress for when LeeLee is older, and a hat for her next winter…good grief it was amazing!!!  SEVENTEEN DOLLARS PEOPLE!!!

So, I’ll show you some photos of these goodies and the rummage sale ones and the ones from a few weeks ago and then allow me to disertate on Garage Sale Etiquette! 

First of all, I found this tule skirt for 5o Cents a few weeks ago…I love tule and now I have one black (hanging as my powder room curtain) and one white.  I LOVE Marilyn and always have and I also love to recreate photographs – after this baby I am going to recreate the famous Milton Greene photograph of M.M. using an old vintage dress with this tule underneath – get out my signature red Christian Dior lip gloss, a black sheet and the pin curls!!!  Sounds like a fun afternoon while the kids are sleeping next spring!!!  I still love to play dress up.  

I don’t know what those bead games are called but our midwife had one and Aidan LOVED it. Aren’t they pretty “expensive”? I got this one for two dollars a few weeks ago and the kids play with it ALL THE TIME!!!
I got those clothes for Amélie for 75 cents a few weeks ago too plus a winter play coat and boots for $2 and a bunch of other cute/tacky embroidered jeans for a quarter each. If she never slims out enough to fit into them – big loss. At the same sale I found Aidan a basket ball hoop for the driveway and this pirate lego boat, $2 and $5. We had prayed for a basket ball hoop and legos before we left the house!!!!  I hate it when you put text too close to a photo and it does this underline thing!!!! I can’t get rid of it!!!  Oh BTW, that is a $70 bike for $3 – shocks and all.  

The chartreuse pillows.  50 cents a piece.  BONJOUR!!!

The perfectly clean snap on seat.  Now we don’t have to move the one from the kitchen back and forth to eat in the dining room and next year when we need two – VOILA.  $3.

Mon amie Francoise always serves her Ratatouille in orange personal Le Creuset ramekins.  So these aren’t the little blue Le Creusets that I dream of and there were only three BUT they were 50 cents TOTAL.  BTW she serves her with a layer of broiled goat cheese on the top.  When my garden gets going I swear I will share the recipe!!!

The rummage sale stash – $7 total.  Domes for cakes and cheese plates, a small jar for homemade instant gratification jam (Joie de Vivre cookbook) and a HUGE one for Gardinara this fall!  Our family goes through Gardinara like crazy – I will share that recipe too!!!  Oh, and of course, a pitcher with lid for le citronade this summer.  Pure sugar, lemons,water and ice cubes on a hot, steam day.

“Little Buttchop this is Big Momma, You got a copy?”

So she won’t wear it for 3-4 more years.  I am a sucker for sailor dresses, especially when they are mint and $1.

And now,  the Parisienne Farmgirl’s Guide for Garage Sale Etiquette…

Look, all your signs need to match O.K.?  Nothing is more frustrating than turning the car on its side to make a quick left or right when a sign is spotted thus missing all the text but only noting the color or design of the sign…next thing you know you are driving, and driving and you spot another sign but it looks different…do you follow it?  Is it for the same sale or do you stay the course???

USE AN ARROW!  Since most of us can not read your “handwriting” and you insist on using the SMALLEST SHARPIE in your drawer – at least put a fricken’ arrow on your sign!!!!

If your house is located in a twisting and turning and twisting and turning neighborhood please put more than ONE sign on the main drag and one in front of your house.  NOTHING is more discouraging than driving and driving wondering if your sale actually exists.

Take the dang sign down after the sale so I am not making the above mistakes two weekends in a row.


If it would look better on a burn pile, please do not try to sell it to me.

Please get over yourself with the pricing.  I am garage saleing for a reason.  I know you are trying to make a buck and I appreciate that.  But don’t insult me.  I will reciprocate when you come to my sale.

Mark your fricken antiques “garage sale” prices.  If you want $95 for a small ugly end table than go rent a booth at the local antique mall.

Please do not just pull out a bunch of boxes out onto your driveway.  I can’t see what’s in them as I  drive by and usually it’s just a bunch of junk anyways.  See burn pile.



Don’t ask me for 50% off an item at 8:30 in the morning on the first day of the sale.

Don’t pick up my crusty, lovely stained glass window and inquire, “Is this old?”  – Moron.

Don’t flick your cigarette butts in my driveway.  I’ll flick them back at you.

DO NOT ask me to lower my price on something and THEN HAND ME A TWENTY!!!!

Stop asking me if I have any gold I want to sell.  

Get your kids away from my fountain and pond.  I am having a garage sale, clearly I can’t afford your law suit.

If you are coming to my sale, please put on deodorant.
There you have it.  Call me uncharitable but I can only take so much.  Until next Friday that is…

What did you score this week???