What is it you ask?  Blogger Backup Syndrome  is when you have about 5 posts rattling around up in your mind and no time to get them posted.  I hate it!   It is often made worse when your posts are time sensitive.  For example, I have yet to post about “Mother’s Day”, or the “3 Minutes from Hell When I Thought my Son had Been Taken from His Bed Last Night” or “Rainy Day, Pâte a Modéler  (Rainy Day Play-Dough)- which I feel an intense need to post while it is still raining!!!

But for the sake of striking while the iron is hot I will share with you our first finds in what hopes to be a glorious garage sale season!!!  I am having my own tomorrow and hoping to make some serious “chaching” so I can buy my snapdragons and pay a bill or two!!!

I don’t like to be a price blabber – I always think better to be chic and discreet than to holler how cheap you got something but this was such a deal of a morning I can not resist!!!

Vive le vend du garage!!!

Found the bottle on the right for .75.  I LOVE old bottles on my windowsill and this one had to be mine.

Princess Pants in the top half of a hot pink Cheetah sweatsuit for $2.50.  Like new!

The mother load.  A pansy dish marked “made in Austria”, a glass bread tin, two mixing bowls, a small carafe, two large bowls and 8 small bowls all marked “Johnson Brothers Ironstone, Made in England”, a small iridescent creamer and a darling little mug – ALL for $3.

The pink sweatsuit, brown shoes, perfect condition purple winter play coat, jeans and about 30 pair of socks and tights for Princess Pants – $5 for the pile!

And last but not least, two old NASCARS for my little stock car fan, .25 each!
If this is a sign for the rest of the season than it is going to be a good one!!!