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Aug 8, 2008 | Uncategorized | 14 comments

Don got another cat scan this morning and things just keep looking better and better. If I understand correctly he is not “in a state of bleeding” but they are just draining the fluid that is there (on his brain). The pressure levels are still really good (20 being bad and his range from 4-12 throughout the day).
They want him to being taking some more breaths on his own by tomorrow evening when they remove the breathing tube to try to communicate with him.
The Dr. said no surgery will be required!!!! And they feel good enough that now they will start to focus on the rest of his body – looking for infections and such (for example his sinuses are packed and they don’t want that to become infected.
Mom said he looks a smidge more like himself but his eyes are still swollen shut.
When they reduce the sedative he does move his limbs and the movements are fluid, the Dr. is pleased with that too.
We are all doing very well and I really feel have moved confidently with the grace and power of God through the last 30 some hours.
Your continued prayers are appreciated as this is far from over.
Feel free to cut and paste as you like. Mom has no problem with that. She loves her blogger friends and is happy to know people are learning of the news and praying.


  1. Farmgirl Cyn

    Thanks Ang. Yup, mom gave me her password early this AM,and asked I fill in temporarily. Since you put the update there, I won’t need to do anything further. Keep us informed, yes?

  2. Life in the 'Burbs

    Praise God! I know he is going to be fully healed. Thank you for the updates, and know we are praying for you guys.

  3. Myrna


  4. Joannah

    Praise God! I will continue to lift you and yours up in prayer.

  5. Homemakerang

    awesome, wonderful news! praising the LORD with ya’ll!

  6. Lallee

    I just read the news and I most certainly will be praying! Thank you for the updates.

  7. Miss Jean

    I just found out and am so sorry for your family. But God is good and I’m glad things are looking so much better. Please keep us updated.

  8. Faith

    You know I’m praying and thinking of you guys!!!

  9. Di Overton

    My love to your Mother. I am thinking of you all at this time.

  10. Jen r.

    You are in my prayer’s . Jen R

  11. cityfarmer

    Oh Ang….I wish my arms could be around you every minute….I dashed home tonight because the Dr. ordered me to….refresh and restart for the long haul….I’m in!

    I’m actually having a glass of Malbec and soaking up the praises and petitions of the body of Christ.

    I cannot even believe at times that I am typing these words…

    Seeing the babies made my day…

    I can view blogland in the library of the hospital but not the comments for some reason…thank you all for your help in this incredible journey…

    and Ang hope to see you maybe by the weekend.
    It felt so good to laugh with you, too.
    with love, Mom

  12. Rebecca Ramsey

    Still thinking about Don and praying!
    I’m so happy things are looking up!

  13. Julee Ann


    Make sure to take a tiny break to celebrate your marriage!

    We love you and continue to pray.

    Speaking to A. Ruth about a Labor Day “campout” in their guest suite.


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