“Now, you be a good boy for Daddy!”

Though it was a small affair last Friday’s Frey Girl bash was a riot gone riot. (And by small affair I mean we were missing T.J. , Ruth, Ardy, Deanna, Victoria, Megan, Annie, Jennifer, Melissa, Ariel, Ashley and Greta! Heaven forbid I missed anyone!)
I mentioned to Victoria that I felt a little guilty or strange having the bash at Aunt Ruth’s when she (Ruth) was not going to be there to which Victoria replied,”Well, where is she?”

“Napa.” I answered.
“Oh yeah. You should feel really guilty.” Was her reply.

Clearly we took her advice. Just in case Gramma wonders
if we were soiling the name Frey, please know that any crazy photographs were staged for our blogs! But sorry Aunt Ruth it was probably the messiest your coffee table has ever been! We missed you!