Joy in the Mundane.

Happy New Year. Better late than never, I suppose.

Fresh Perspective

The Christmas décor is cleaned, organized and tubbed away for next year. And I’m thrilled to say there is no company on the horizon for at least two weeks. I do love to entertain but by the fifth time in twenty days, even I was losing steam.

We start school on Monday and so the Whole Heart School room got a clean sweep and much-needed purging. As did the closets. I’m such a cliché type A. I love the freshness of a New Year. I tend to attack December 26th with a vengeance.

I’m stunned that we are beginning our second year here in Door County. Did you hear the news? We officially named the house:

Sur le Rocher County House and Gardens

On Christ the solid rock I stand. You can watch more here…

Looking back we accomplished SO much in one year.

  • Removed carpeting on the front porch, back porch, both bedrooms and both bathrooms (yuck) and third story attic
  • Cut down more trees than I can count
  • Removed kitchen cabinets
  • Knocked out a giant pantry
  • Removed ugly chair railings and wallpaper
  • Removed bathroom and kitchen wallpaper
  • Hung multiple light fixtures
  • Removed two stories of “velcro wall”, rough-hewn cedar siding in the middle room
  • Replaced the fireplace mantel
  • Dug a huge gardens
  • Replaced a bathroom vanity with a cool brass bucket sink
  • Made a faux fireplace for the range to reside in the kitchen
  • Put in a pot filler and new outlet at the stove
  • Painted the kitchen and wooden kitchen ceiling
  • Installed shiplap in the middle room, cutting each piece ourselves
  • Installed more cattle panels than I can count, birthed two new goats, raised an entire new flock of ducks, geese, chickens…
  • Made a giant chicken coop out of an old storage shed
  • Built three significant stone walls and stairways and pathways
  • Removed a hideous deck
  • Covered the cottage garden grass in pea gravel… wheelbarrow full but a wheelbarrow full
  • Took out THREE MUCK and ROCK FILLED ponds, only to find them lined with old carpeting


Fresh Perspective
Fresh Perspective


Dang… I know there’s more but I have PTSD just remembering all that work! And we are geared up for ANOTHER year of it! I’m giddy with creativity over all the projects we have in store. And I think one might include me sleeping on a mattress that ISN’T laying on the floor soon! Just sayin’.

Those beautiful children are growing like weeds and I’m pretty geeked to start school on Monday. Each child is just GROWING into who they are and I have to tell you, it’s a gorgeous thing to watch. The every day is HARD but at the end of the week when I look back, I stand and marvel at how incredible they are. Their conversations, drawings, hobbies… I am constantly humbled that I GET to be with them every day. All day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fresh Perspective

This post is starting to read more like a Christmas Letter than a blog post, but I suppose I needed to get it out of my system. I didn’t do an end of the year post or a Christmas card. To all of you who can manage to send a Christmas card, you have my PROFOUND respect. I used to sketch one every year. I hope I can get back to that someday. Once I can remember to thaw meat out the night before. I should probably master that skill first.

I’m sure you’re like me. I’m sure your life has hardships that you don’t broadcast, there are a million reasons to be overwhelmed, depressed, you name it. But I refuse to do it. I will have #joiedevivre. I will continue to celebrate God’s mercy and the inescapable mundane, the bread baking, the new shade of lipstick, the silly mutterings of a child… the “Everyday Château”.

It’s a new year. I’m going to give it everything I have.