First…let me share with you a couple of photographs of “The Littlest One”. My darling Juliette…THREE weeks old today! How in the WORLD is that possible???? And how about that quilt that a friend made for me!?  Aside from those Little Giraffe blankies I’m addicted to for my babies this Paris Street Scene quilt is the cutest… EVER!
All photos should be clickable for enlargement.
ISN’T SHE LOVELY! I can’t stop kissing her!

Now, while we are enjoying TLO’s company Momma does have a serious case of Cabin Fever. I am no Madeleine…Je deteste l’hiver gris!!!!
Poo poo!
I loooooooooooong for a good garage sale…the kind with a little old lady sitting in her lawn chair, she’s just cleaned out her linen closet and is ready to make a little bingo money…
I long to come home with a front seat full of junk to make over, spray paint gold or patina…I long to move things around and change it up a bit. Sometimes I can become frustrated cause I really don’t have THAT many accessories…when I re-arrange it feels like I can’t come up with anything new…
Today I thought I could lighten up the look of the living room and dining room by downplaying some of the teal and color and highlighting the neutrals…I find myself undecided on the outcome, feels a little S.S.D.D. if you will pardon the expression but, since it’s not permanent I will live with it for a few weeks…
I can’t wait to to some re-arranging that makes more of an IMPACT though! Mom posted her list of things she will be looking for this summer…looks like we won’t be able to junkin’ together unless we bring a pair of boxing gloves to duke it out.
How often do you give a room a mini-makeover?
Tout le temps?
Click here to see the room BEFORE today’s “makeover”

What to do with a cabinet full of colorful books? Well, I am not going to get carried away like some and tear the covers off as is the trend…instead I turned them around! Silly? Perhaps but it was an easy way to get a more neutral look!

I moved a table that was not being used to the front of the faux fireplace, brought down the statue from the bedroom and Great Gramma’s Italian terra cotta in from the kitchen. I never know what to do with the terra cotta. I am so blessed with children that have always known better than to play with Momma’s stuff but I do let them ride their trikes and tractors around the house…I would not want my beautiful, crusty planters to get as ruined as my baseboard so I feel like they always need to sit on something which is not easy to pull off because of their scale and weight!

Pardon the flash setting…
it may not look that different but without the teal suitcase on the table and the turquoise table in front of the fireplace it feels very different…now, I should probably nix the blue crystals while the room is like this.  Dang, that sounds like a pain.
Close up of the Terra Cotta
The coffee table…

“Tablescaping”. An overused, corny word.
It’s never called bedscaping or top of the upright piano-scaping…
Thrift shoppe Chianti bottles, part of my cork collection, thrift store glasses, gramma and her siblings and a business card from the little hotel I stayed on on Mont Saint Michel...the weekend I had the island to MYSELF!

The little girl in the white blouse and black jumper is my beloved Gram. (aka “Two Grams” to my children).

Drop cloth chic.
Don’t have a stash of French linens (yet)? Hit the Home Depot for a drop cloth to change up the look of your harvest table. The benches are hiding under the table. Talk about changing the look of a room!
Hopefully the spring and summer will hold marvelous finds for a dime but I think today’s little re-arrange will hold me for a couple more weeks!
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French Style Living Room Makeover
PS:  Sometimes I wonder if this bookcase could thrill me more than it does.   Why does this look geek me out so much???
French Style Living Room Makeover