French Press, and How to… Two Re-Posts in One!

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Here are two old posts… combined into one!
It rained this morning… just for a minute…
But the clouds gave me a hankering for a cup of coffee.
I’ve had the FLU for a few days and have been missing my morning 
“splash and dash”.  (There’s a Nascar term for you!)


“Black Coffee, blue morning, toast is burning and the rain keeps pouring…”

There is nothing like coffee.

It is a little pleasure that every morning brings.
Black preferably… sometimes, as a treat, with a splash of organic, warm milk…
I know some don’t care for it but at some point in life, for most of us coffee becomes an acquired taste.
Acidic, hot and most importantly… strong.

Years ago we switched to a French Press.  If you have never had French Pressed coffee you are missing out.  It’s the way coffee is supposed to taste.

There are a few things that ruin a good cup of coffee for me…

-If it’s too cold
-If it’s too weak
-If it has a flavor – yes, sadly, I h-a-t-e flavored coffee.   The smell grosses me out and when I am expecting (I am not) it makes me ill.  Along the same line, I don’t care for Foldgers cause it has a “taste” and so does Panera’s coffee, though I drink it a couple times a month as there is a Panera in our back 40.

(Speaking of coffee flavors; many years back I decided to wean myself off of the syrup flavors when ordering coffee treats like lattés.  My favorite was caramel, I liked Hazelnut too.  Nowadays I love plain lattés.  And though it’s cliché; Starbucks makes the best and there are few delights as delicious as a skinny, decaf latté from Starbucks… had to give up caffeine on account of the babes.  I do however love an iced carmel Machiato once a year…skinny, decaf and easy ice and carmel!)

Ok, that was a whole bunch of info I hadn’t intended to share.

Something I am really particular about… and can you believe it?

But I’ve got to have a white cup/mug to really enjoy my coffee.

Seriously, I am not kidding.
I’ve just got have a white cup otherwise I can not get into it no matter how good the coffee tastes.  It’s a family thing, I can remember as a child, my Grampa asking the waitress for a white mug if she brought him one of those ugly brown ones so popular in the 80’s…
You can go into any woman’s home in our family and you will be offered a white cup for your coffee… never a big colorful mug.  Always simple and (primarily) white.  There is just something about it.  Now that Panera has switched to yellow, green and orange mugs… well, I bring my own!

It’s all about the moment.
(There is certain silverware I use that makes me happy, Silly is as silly does but I’ve even been known to bring my own glass to wine tastings)… a girl’s just got to be able to have her moment.
 And a cup of coffee provides you get those moments where you get to sit for just a few before your day gets going…
 and you can’t let anything ruin that.

What are your “moments” that you create for yourself?
Are you particular?
 How do you take your coffee?

Joel calls me picky… I say I just know what I like!
Gotta run, Coffee is ready to press.
Bon Weekend Mes Amies!

P.S.  Did you know that this old 1980’s song by Lacy J. Dalton is one of my FAVORITE to sing? I wish I had a recording to play for you – that would be a riot.
 And you CAN NOT go wrong with a little Julie London!!!

To Answer a Question in the Comment box-
I love Café Verona by Starbucks and yes, we do grind our own beans.
For a more reasonably priced coffee we purchase Organic French Roast from Trader Joe’s.

Old Post Number Two

It was requested that I give specific instructions 
on how to use a French Press so… why not?

1.  Choose your coffee!
2.  For a full Press measure out four generous tablespoons of coffee beans.
3.  Grind coffee – Not to big…
4.  But just right… you don’t want the grounds too small or they will escape thru the mesh!
5.  Pour it into your empty Press.
6.  Boil your water – small boil
7.  Carefully pour the water in, it will look like really strong tea.
8.  Stir your grounds in, I do about twenty twirls with the closest thing I can grab, usually a butter knife.
9.  Put the lid on, but do not push it down, put a clean dish towel thru the handle
10. Wrap one side over the other, this will keep your coffee warm as you enjoy it
11.  Wait about 4 minutes and press your coffee with a flat palm, it should press down with just a little resistance.  If you have to really push, your coffee is not ready to be pressed.
12.  ENJOY!!!


  1. savvycityfarmer

    I think the whole white ironstone cup phenomenon started with Kathy McLennan … she calls it a small moment!!

    It’s so true, Ang!
    Even tho I don’t FP, I am a coffee and coffee cup snob

    someday I WILL own that machine in Susan’s butler pantry!

  2. Farmgirl Cyn

    I recently discovered cold-pressed coffee when my one cup a day got to tasting like nasty cigarettes. Just was leaving a bad taste in my mouth, so I asked around and several folks recommended cold pressing my coffee. Easy peasy to do….I take 1 cup of coffee grounds and put it in my french press. I then add 2 cups of water from the tap and stir briefly. Let set for 5 minutes, then stir again. Cover press with plastic wrap and let set at room temp for 12-24 hours. Press. Then I strain again through a coffee filter. Refrigerate your concentrate. For my morning cup I take 1/4 cup of the cold concentrate and put it in my coffee cup. Add water to nearly the top. Add a splash of cream and a dash of salt and heat in a saucepan till hot enough for you. Pour back into your mug and enjoy! No more bitter, stomach aching coffee!

  3. Ann

    Wonderful post.
    Very interesting read.

  4. Mandy

    this is timely as i’ve been wanting to get a french press. i ahte the idea of drinking my coffee out of plastic brew…ew! i am a little *eh-hm* clumsy, and am worried about all the dangers i hear of glass presses. which brand do you have? have you had issues with it breaking?

  5. Lorilee

    I love to use my French press to make strong cold brewed coffee for iced coffee with Hazelnut creamer!

  6. miss flibbertigibbet

    I love my French press but don’t use it too much…every now and then when I treat myself to afternoon coffee and the kids are gone…then it’s really nice.

  7. Chris

    Great post and I am sorry, Joel, but she IS a girl who knows what she likes! She picked you!
    One day my husband, a retired fire captain, came home and said he was NEVER going to drink coffee again. It made him sick, was bitter, left a terrible taste in his mouth, blah, blah, blah…I enjoy about 1/4 cup of lukewarm coffee once in a great while… then one day, my honey comes home once again, with a Starbuck’s coffee. He decided that Pike’s @ Starbuck’s was ok and thus began his almost daily trip there…grande, black with a splash, add cinnamon. I don’t get it…considering we have two coffee makers, a Keurig and a microwave to make it scalding like he likes it…sounds like a ‘girl’, doesn’t it??? LOL
    xoxo, Chris

  8. shirlgirl

    I am not very picky about my coffee but I was so glad to hear about your coffee cup preference. I thought maybe I was getting a bit bizzare so now I just know that I am in great company. There are two coffee cups that I have and really want for my coffee. I also have certain silverware that I most enjoy, especially long teaspoons for my tea. I am with you a girl just knows what she likes.

  9. Freygirl

    Remember when I was over at your house two days before baby girl came and I very directly said “but I’m going to sit outside and drink MY lemonade IN the pool.” ? That was my moment. I’d been waiting a YEAR for that!!!

  10. Freygirl

    Funny mega church coffee shop names by Tim Hawkins
    -Abraham and Lot-te
    -Holy Grounds
    -Jehovah Java

    And……wait for it………

    HE-brews!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. {Bellamere Cottage}

    YUM….. I actually make coffee exactly like this every morning…..then let it get nice and COLD for iced coffee during my day.. Love the French press…

    Have a great day.


  12. melyssa

    I love coffee. That is all.

    No, wait. I also prefer it in a white mug…well, the white isn’t so much a requirement but it has to be a good shape and a good thickness.


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