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‘Scuse me, Can I ask you something? It’s Luke isn’t it?
No not Louk, Luc.
You want to ask me something or non?
No, forget it.
I forget it already.
(Found at 5:45 below)
What IS in a name anyway?
Sometimes, not much without a lovely accent.
And I can’t help it, I am drawn to all things French including French names…there are so many lame English names that sound so cool au français…
Take “Matilda” for example
– yes, cool I suppose if you are some Hollywood baby decked out in the trendiest, poshest of clothing tout le temps…but consider the French form — “Mathilde” – sounds like “Mat-ild” only really pretty. I love it, I love to hear it in movies, and in French it is not just suitable to a little darling girl like it’s English counterpart.
Or a boys name like George.
And pardon me if this is hubby’s or son’s name but what do most of us conjure up when we hear the stark “George” ?
But to hear it in French…”Georges” – no the “s” is not pronounced but it’s that soft, subtle “g” sound that about puts me over the edge and the almost “ah” sound at the end…”Gshorgsha” – don’t laugh at my phonetic attempts.
How about Yves and Pascal – there aren’t even English equivalents for these wonderful names!
A few more …
Some girl names there are not equivalents for –
Anaïs – pronounced “ann-i-eece” – a lovely name.
…and if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know how much I love the name Mireille (as in French Women don’t get Fat). Pronounced “Mer-ray” only with that beautiful French accent. C’est parfait!

Oh, and don’t forget “Annick” – “pronounced “Ann-eeek”, throw in that accent and you have another beautiful name that you aren’t gonna find in Parents Magazine. (Not that I would ever read Parent’s Magazine)
Françoise VS Frances
Laetita … as in Costa, pronounced something like “La-tee-see-ah” – I am sure Joel has forgotten about this name, I don’t dare remind him because he might want to change our plans…
Veronique VS Veronica
I’ve probably made my point. I am sorry, but our language has such a hard, dreadful sound to it, if I could pop a pill for a British accent I would and if I could hear and speak French all day, I would probably melt into a pile of goo I love it so much.
Here is what you really have been waiting for though – The third round of clues…
First: Billy Crudup
Middle: Gadgets
First: Baz Lurman
Middle: “I’m not living with you! We occupy the same cage, that’s all.

Taunt your opponents with a comment (like Life in the Burbs is doing, she says she KNOWS the boys name but won’t even tell me what it is) and email me your guess at:

Be sure to check previous posts for the other clues, rules and prizes. You can guess as many times as you want – hurry, hurry, saw the midwife today and things are already on their way if you catch my drift.


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