Snow. Snow and more snow. Was I a single snow bunny with a chalet of my own and looked good in snow pants I might be happy about the 5 inches we just got and the 10 feet we are expected to get by tomorrow night but I am not.
I am a mom that should be working out but instead is eating a piece of dark chocolate because the mother lovin‘ baby monitor is upstairs and it’s nearing the end of his nap. If I go up our creaky 150 year old stairs he is sure to wake up and I won’t be able to work out (in the basement which is why I need the baby monitor) anyways.

I can work out later but I HATE working out at night. It’s sick and twisted.

So, I am on the internet. Shock of all shocks. Joel says I have an addiction – my defense? I have no money to spend, no garden to tend…what ELSE should I be doing (besides the dishes of course)?

All that to tell you this

Our topic today? French Pressed Coffee.

If you have not switched to French Pressed coffee in the morning you don’t know what you are missing. True, it is not as practical as a coffee machine but I am more about the aesthetic than practicality.
I have wanted a Cafetiere for years and when our coffee pot cracked a few months ago I hoofed it over to Target, plopped my money down and the counter and promptly came home for a cup of fantastique coffee – to quote my Mom’s husband the other day when I served them a cup,
“Now THAT’S coffee!”

If I weren’t so concerned about my yellowing teeth (I am in a vicious cycle of whitening them and then having a glass of wine or coffee – both of which you are not supposed to do when bleaching your teeth) I would make myself a cup to chase away this gray, snow filled sky.

The Bible says to rejoice in ALL things. Sometimes I think God created winter so He could work on me in that area but thankfully before I know it I will be on the front porch in my slippers and jammies eyeing weeds that need to be pulled with a cup a French pressed coffee in hand.

Try it! Let me know what you think.