A Free Weekend…

Oct 17, 2009 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

And so much to do…
I have hundreds of wedding photos to edit, a mountain of laundry, baptism photos to mail, more applesauce to do before they rot, jalapenos to can, hair to wash and a 40th birthday dinner in the city to go to this evening.
It always works out that when you have free time there is always something to do and it doesn’t help that I am a terrible procrastinator. For example, instead of working on the wedding photos yesterday I made myself and Amélie a skirt.
Someday, I will grow up and set my priorities…for now, I will try to chip away at my list but not at the expense of family time.
Here is wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Don’t be too busy.
Busyness is an epidemic…not a virtue.


  1. Kathy's Red Door Welcome

    I say bravo to you for having a list at all. I,personally, never have perfected the art of a list.

  2. cityfarmer

    you were directing these words right at me … kidding… but not really …

    the list is ongoing

    … the skirt were adorable … AND everytime you wear them you will remember the day you sewed them.
    It’s so fun creating something to wear ON the day you wear it.

    we had such fun with you and your chickens …
    my house seems to feel smaller and smaller on nights like that …

  3. Catherine Anne

    Im a list girl! Love that your faimly time is one top!

  4. Berlin Deluxxe

    I got groceries to buy (I’m planning on sneaking some extracurricular shopping in the mix.)
    Have fun 🙂

    how do you color the flowers in your pics? LOVELY!

  5. Farmchick

    You are right about busyness being an epidemic. My husband and I left “city life” and moved back to our small town 11 years ago and love the slow pace of things. I really enjoy the photos of your home. Very inspiring!

  6. Vickie

    The skirts were absolutely positively FIRST on your list. You are chipping away at your list. All those other things will wait and still be there tomorrow. Your kids are only little for a while. What a good memory you made with your skirts!


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