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Yes, I know. It’s cliche – the whole “hand heart” thing.
Tried self-portrait belly shots today.
What a pain.
Where is Juile Harris when you need her?
Some turned out pretty but I had to edit them to high heaven cause I was out of focus. That’s what happens when you are running back and forth from the front to the back of the camera.
I tried to get some with the kids on either side of the belly.
Ya right.
As much of a horrible pregnant person as I make I do love the look of pregnancy and I just wanted to capture a couple photos that I had rigged up in my mind. Let’s just say I did NOT capture them – and though I wasn’t nu it’s not like you can run around SHOWing people the photos so maybe I am a bit let down.
Might try again if a poof of energy comes my way…still have to make the belly cast…why I do those when they are just laying in a closet…guess I have fantasies of gesso-ing them and hanging them up like some sexy, feminine piece of art…where? I don’t know but I have one for the other pregnancies so what am I gonna do … pass this time?
Today Aidan asked if we could name “Le Troisieme” – “Junior”.
We have all got it pretty bad around here. Even, just-turned-two Amélie has been sleeping with her #88 pink sock cap on – hilarious.
Just how many more days until Daytona anyways? Gonna have to get this one a little Junior onesie – the only one we have has little red #8 cars on it.
Sorry these posts are so lame.
I am just waiting and waiting …

15 thoughts on “FOURTEEN MORE DAYS!”

  1. Hi
    Happy New Year and I am so excited about your little blessing on its way!!! Thank you for stopping by my little blog:) I loved reading through yours what cutie pies you have!!!

    You will be in my prayers as you wait for your newest to arrive.

    Warm Wishes

  2. Just noticed your “Un, Deux, Trois” deal on your sidebar. SO CUTE!!!!!

    My daughter is expecting…I must tell her about your blog.

    You kids are adorable.


  3. My mother used to say “these are the sweetest days of you life” when I was pregnant and I would laugh, but now that my children have grown and left home, I know exactly what she meant. Beautiful photos. Happy New Year.

  4. The picture is gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of your newest addition and hear all about the birth. Hopefully it will be a little calmer then last time. Any day now. Miss you!!

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