Yes, I know. It’s cliche – the whole “hand heart” thing.
Tried self-portrait belly shots today.
What a pain.
Where is Juile Harris when you need her?
Some turned out pretty but I had to edit them to high heaven cause I was out of focus. That’s what happens when you are running back and forth from the front to the back of the camera.
I tried to get some with the kids on either side of the belly.
Ya right.
As much of a horrible pregnant person as I make I do love the look of pregnancy and I just wanted to capture a couple photos that I had rigged up in my mind. Let’s just say I did NOT capture them – and though I wasn’t nu it’s not like you can run around SHOWing people the photos so maybe I am a bit let down.
Might try again if a poof of energy comes my way…still have to make the belly cast…why I do those when they are just laying in a closet…guess I have fantasies of gesso-ing them and hanging them up like some sexy, feminine piece of art…where? I don’t know but I have one for the other pregnancies so what am I gonna do … pass this time?
Today Aidan asked if we could name “Le Troisieme” – “Junior”.
We have all got it pretty bad around here. Even, just-turned-two Amélie has been sleeping with her #88 pink sock cap on – hilarious.
Just how many more days until Daytona anyways? Gonna have to get this one a little Junior onesie – the only one we have has little red #8 cars on it.
Sorry these posts are so lame.
I am just waiting and waiting …