Forty-Five Degrees!

Jan 4, 2007 | Gardening, On Motherhood, Photography, Simply Ang | 9 comments

All I can say is,

if this is “Global Warming” then bring it ON!!!

Oh, don’t get your knickers in a knot – the earth has heated and cooled off many times over the years…way before S.U.V. driving Republicans…

Aidan LOVES to be outside, and we have gone on walks in the dark, in the cold and in the snow just so he can get some fresh air this winter. Every time we get in the car the poor kid points to his sand box and squeals. He is not going to know what to do with himself when spring finally does come but in the meantime, I am ALL ABOUT these mild winters. Snow is fine for Christmas but I am ready to put on my gardening gloves!!!

Asking Aidan if he would like to go to the park is like asking Joel if he wants to eat. The answer is always “yes and amen.” As we walk out the front door he gets giddy, writhing in his stroller seat. Yesterday I did not have him strapped in and by the time we got to the park he was squirming his way out to get to the swings.

Whoever invented playground equipment was surely not a mother or father. What a dangerous collection of rubber and metal and when you have a 19 month old who thinks he can keep up with the six year olds swinging from the draw bridge and running UP the curly slide… Well, let’s just say we BOTH got our wiggles out yesterday at the park!

These are some of the the photos. I was experimenting with the motion setting on “Julio the Appereil Photo”…

(Yes, I named my camera, just now as I was typing…Appereil is pronounced Ap-par-ray.)


  1. cityfarmer

    I believe we shall get close to fifty today…
    and may I just say that besides my own flesh and blood (which means you), that A. is the most beautiful child on this earth…and only a mamie can boast this

  2. Amanda

    It is absolutely incredible outside, sending Landon to school today in his spring coat. Craziness…..I’m ready for spring, because my bulbs, and flowers are getting slightly confused with this temperature. My indoor bulbs are already blooming.

  3. julee


  4. Shabby in the City

    He is precious…I remember well how my little boys could claw at the glass wanting to get outside and breathe and run. Now the lazy things just want to sit at the computer like their mom 🙂

  5. Overwhelmed!

    It’s nice and warm where I’m at too. 🙂 In fact, my husband and FIL are out taking my 2 year old son for a walk. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you like the Ireland pictures. My husband took them while we were there getting married and honeymooning (for more details, check my 5/17/2006 post).

    I love your pictures of little Aiden. He’s so adorable!

    Hope to see you again soon.

  6. Overwhelmed!

    By the way, I’ve been to France (Paris, Champagne, and a few other places that escape me at the moment) back in 1995. I loved it and one day will make it back there. 🙂

  7. FarmgirlCyn

    “Weather ball blue…colder in view”. the channel 13 weqther ball is predicting much, much colder temps and snow for the next 8 days. Boo hoo. My tulips and daffodils are confused, as well as the hens!

  8. quiet storms

    by the way, this pic of A walking around on his little legs just kills me. he’s too cute. really. tell him to stop it!

  9. cityfarmer

    I remember the weather ball from our days in M.
    It was real and in action all the time…is it still up and running?


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