Warning – this ain‘t no design post.  I’m pissed and I don’t care who knows it.

Did I make a big fuss this time?  
No, just a fun picture of some red lipstick and the words “Go Red.”   

I have to say, the comments – that will go unpublished – are so pathetic. 

Wednesday morning there was no venom in this house, no rage, just a couple of people walking around stunned.  Yet my exposure to different Facebook conversations and these many comments left on my blog by various “nobodies” are disgusting…. bloggers and other people that just create a username to leave nasty comments about my daughters being raped (and how then I would suddenly believe in abortion and vote accordingly) shows me yet again how SICK so many on the Left are.

Had it gone the other way – had common sense reigned supreme… on Wednesday morning we would have been smiling – but I would have NEVER started ridiculing people, name calling or suggesting they re-evaluate their beliefs (if their daughters were raped).  And if one more person suggests that I would abort one of my children if I found out they were gay — My God, if I met these people face to face it would be so ugly.  You have NO idea what you are talking about.

Who ever you people are, you are truly sick in the head.  If you had any balls you would leave your real names.  You spineless, baby hating, cowards.  You seeI have something to LOSE my putting my beliefs out there, and believe me, I lose readers and income from my business over it time and again. You, on the other hand, who troll the internet, or find me on Facebook or read my blog just to see if I’ll tick you off and then leave your stupid comments have NOTHING to loose.  There is no courage in your platform.  Only hate.  The hate that you accuse everyone else of.

It boggles the mind that because I believe a baby has a right to live, that I am considered the hateful, crazy person.

God have mercy on all of us.