Forget Red – Once again, People’s TRUE Colors are Revealed.

Nov 8, 2012 | Random Thoughts | 48 comments

Warning – this ain‘t no design post.  I’m pissed and I don’t care who knows it.

Did I make a big fuss this time?  
No, just a fun picture of some red lipstick and the words “Go Red.”   

I have to say, the comments – that will go unpublished – are so pathetic. 

Wednesday morning there was no venom in this house, no rage, just a couple of people walking around stunned.  Yet my exposure to different Facebook conversations and these many comments left on my blog by various “nobodies” are disgusting…. bloggers and other people that just create a username to leave nasty comments about my daughters being raped (and how then I would suddenly believe in abortion and vote accordingly) shows me yet again how SICK so many on the Left are.

Had it gone the other way – had common sense reigned supreme… on Wednesday morning we would have been smiling – but I would have NEVER started ridiculing people, name calling or suggesting they re-evaluate their beliefs (if their daughters were raped).  And if one more person suggests that I would abort one of my children if I found out they were gay — My God, if I met these people face to face it would be so ugly.  You have NO idea what you are talking about.

Who ever you people are, you are truly sick in the head.  If you had any balls you would leave your real names.  You spineless, baby hating, cowards.  You seeI have something to LOSE my putting my beliefs out there, and believe me, I lose readers and income from my business over it time and again. You, on the other hand, who troll the internet, or find me on Facebook or read my blog just to see if I’ll tick you off and then leave your stupid comments have NOTHING to loose.  There is no courage in your platform.  Only hate.  The hate that you accuse everyone else of.

It boggles the mind that because I believe a baby has a right to live, that I am considered the hateful, crazy person.

God have mercy on all of us.


  1. Tina Leigh

    Oh girl! I’m so sorry that you have received such horrible comments! I had to make myself NOT be depressed over this mess & remind myself that my faith IS in God an not the government! I don’t know what is wrong with people that they can be so STUPID over things that seem so simple to me. The only answer is that SO MANY ARE DECEIVED because they are so far away from God and the principals of the Bible.

    You have a right to speak your beliefs number 1. Because you are a Christian! Number 2. Because you are an American!

    Girl, you know we are subject ( even our kids, even tho it’s not right) to be persecuted (I hate to use that word) because of our beliefs. You continue to speak out ANYWAY!! I do not doubt that I could truely injure someone (even to death) over my kids and grands if backed into a corner. So I know you are hurt by the comments. Be proud of who you are and the stand you have made as a Christian and against the wrongness of the liberals and Barack Obama! They are wrong! They stand against God!

    I just want you to know that I’m sorry for the idiots! But I am proud of you and your stand even if I have never laid eyes on you!

    Stand tall Sister in Christ!

  2. Carrie

    That’s is just what I wonder about so much, the hate that is so evident in comments I read from supposed “liberal minded people.” I don’t think they are quite as liberal as they think they are. Also, I wish one could just explain to me why its ok to abort a baby, but it is so wrong to give a tried criminal the death penalty. They should just call themselves what they are–The HATE party.

  3. Bonnie@Creative Decorating

    I totally understand your feelings. Those that believe in “tolerance” have no tolerance for those of us that are conservative and believe in family values. Life begins at conception. I have yet to see an embryo become anything but a baby.

    I saw a quote from President Bush stating he feels the biggest threat to our country is the deterioration of the family. It saddens me for our children to see that is happening.

    I know there are extremist on both the left and the right. However, I have found that the left consider it politically correct to inform me via the media and internet that I am an idiot because I believe in God centered values.

    On Wednesday morning, I had to remind myself that God is in control. Jesus was crucified by those that were threatened by him so it is no surprise that we, as believers, are ridiculed as well.

    Stand strong in your fight!

  4. DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family

    My heart sank and I cried for hours.
    I read the comments by young women on twitter singing praises to vagina victories. I held it in…and then…I tweeted…”Your va jay jay victory just signed a death sentence for vagina’s over 65.”
    (in reference of what Obama has proposed to do to Medicare)

    The worst thing is that a young woman at my work told me to live with it, that there is nothing that I can do about it. (I’m 60… Your mama’s age.)This young adult Democrat female American told me to live with an early death sentence. They don’t want to care for their elderly. We are in the way.

    (Oh…by the way…I plan to work until I am 67…I WON’T be an entitlement burden.)

    The right to choose has come full cirle…they now choose to abort Grandma and Grandpa!

    When we send the message that man, woman,or government chooses who lives or dies.

    In it’s literal sense, it says it’s ok to kill.

    I adore your spirit, and you pure American heart,Angela.

  5. Priscilla

    There is nothing to say that you haven’t said. I’m on the precise of giving up. When the MTV crowd rules the country by their uninformed, closed minded vote, how can we survive as a nation. I have to keep remembering that God is in control, and no matter how hard it may become to go on, He won’t abandon us.
    As always, I continue to pray for you and your family.

  6. Channa

    I have discovered that “liberal” just means “living without consequences for poor choices with the freedom to be vile, crass, and hateful to anyone who disagrees”. Take heart, though. Eventually, the righteous will prevail.

  7. GardenGirl

    Love is God’s supreme quality. I have not experienced that here.

    God’s got this. He really does.

    For that, I am grateful.

  8. Mary Beth

    I’m so sorry that you received so much hateful garbage. All I can say is what a blogger I know always says, “Sin makes you stupid.” It’s the truth. Those that pass out the haterade will answer for it eventually. What is important for us to remember is that no matter who is president, Jesus is King!

  9. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima

    I am so sorry for this Angela.
    I do not think that’s a matter of beeing republicans or democratics , that’s just a problem of beeing idiot and completely crazy.
    A persone can disagree with you (as I do on politics for example) but those words…never never I would tell you something like that. It is horrible. Oh my, how can someone write and think things like that? Someone who thinks he/she is so liberal and democratic????

    Poor people…you know what?
    I really feel sorry for them! For their poor souls.


  10. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    My friend,

    Cling to the promise. We must live in this world but are not of it.

    Hold fast to your faith.

    The greatest commandment by my precious Savior was to LOVE.

    I leave you with love and a smile. Love your enemies. It makes them squirm.

  11. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Thank you Laura, that was the best.
    Breathing deep again. I appreciate your simple, precise words.

  12. Gina Bea

    I am in shock. I can’t believe that anyone would say those things to you. Thank you for standing up for what you beleive in, especially unborn babies.

  13. Joannah

    I agree with what Tina Leigh said – Stand tall Sister in Christ. There is no hate here, just righteous indignation. Our nation is so wicked.

    This week has refocused me on Eternity. We are not of this world.

  14. Ashley

    Love ya. Love love love.

  15. Mandy

    those who cry tolerant are by far the least tolerant people i know. keep preachin’ it sister. we are the remnant few who may just play a role in keeping this country under God’s blessing…

  16. Elma

    I have found with this lasr election that the people who wanted Obama were very very nasty!! I waS SO SHOCKED that he one again after the last four years how can we take another?
    Abortion is murder!!ANyone who has had children knows that you can hear a heartbeat at eight weeks!!!!
    It doesn’t matter who is president JESUS is LORD!!
    I pray tha the LORD will work in Obama’s heart.

  17. anotherbethsmith

    No matter who is president, Jesus is King… Whew 🙂
    But, it is time that we do more ( speaking to myself here) than just vote pro life… I will begin joining the vigil of folks that stand outside the abortion clinic in my town… I must do more…evil prevails when good men do nothing… We have been asleep for so long… God forgive us and give us strength for the fight…and there is much truth in the comment to love our enemies :). Keep up the good work and be not weary in well doing

  18. Teri Nolan Range

    Angela, I am so sorry for these attacks on you. Not sure if it will make you feel any better, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have a blog for prolife politics and mommy adventures. I run a facebook page that goes with it, and a twitter feed. The attacks began weeks before the election, and have WORSENED since election! One group of people decided to chase me around on my different accounts and publicly slander me, and even sent me private emails to my home account. Surprisingly, these were college kids, I later learned! But, also, joined by their parents! 🙁 Most though, are older adults that spew out the evil. Why? I cannot tell, as they won! Apparently, now they just want to cram it down our throats and force us into silence-or captivity. I have several friends that run prolife pages, and TWO have been forced to shut down their pages over DEATH THREATS.

    I wanted to share all of this with you, so that you will know that you are not alone in these attacks against your family. That there is a world of evil out there attacking all of us that have HIS light within them. Remember, this is a battle of powers and principalities. Satan knows where Christs followers and fighters are.

    So happy to say you are saying in your STRENGTH through Christ! God bless you, and if you need any help backing you against the naysayers, give a call. We prolifers are becoming a mighty tough bunch.

    Blessings to you as always and prayers to cover you…
    Teri Nolan-Range`

  19. sugarcreek

    Recent elections seem to have brought out the worst in many people…a trend in our world seems to be people saying/doing what they please without consideration of others. Personally, I would consider myself a liberal Republican – saying this would probably get me tarred in some towns but I was raised to treat others with respect no matter their views, to use money wisely (that one seems to bethe hardest for me) and to accept differences in life. I dislike being labeled with a blue or red brush, such labels are limiting and divisive. With such discord abounding on both sides I wonder if our country will be able to get anything done.

  20. Lisa

    Wow….I was sad when I woke up November 8th to find the results of the election. But it makes me even sadder to find so many people believing in him and some of the garbage that comes out of his mouth. Life begins AT conception that is a fact. there is no denying that abortion is killing!

  21. SavyScavenger

    Angela, I am so saddened at the vile remarks hurled at you and at the sad state of our nation. I love reading your blog and it makes me smile to see the beautiful and innocent faces of your children. Your generation will be the one to save our nation. Cling to what is good. You can see truth and have the courage to speak it. My husband and I were also stunned with the (fraudulant)results of the election. I refuse to allow it to steal my joy. I will watch less news, and focus on my Lord, my family and my blessings. Enjoy your fabulous farm and continue to make wonderful memories for your beloved children. May God bless you and your family. Best Regards, Linda

  22. Leslie

    I believe Liberals and yes, even some Christian believers have always embraced the theory that a Socialist Utopia is possible and have been working on it to become a reality…unfortunately when one does not conform then you become an outcast. You say correctly when these COWARDS leave hateful messages without names! It is hard for anyone to have to take such hurtful, rude, and even crude comments meaning to harm your babies so that ideologically their theories will make sense. It is not worth reading their rants!!! You are beautiful, talented, and gifted in so many ways because you bring encouragement to many…while you build up…they destroy and hopefully in time their philosophy will also.

  23. Cheryl

    You have to remember when you put yourself out there this is what happens. When you post political comments and rants ( your own words) like you do, what do you expect people are going to assume when you post “go red.” You brought this on yourself. It’s ok for you to say what you want, you need to be prepared to take it. It’s all about free speech. I am signing my name, will you post this?
    Cheryl Nichols

  24. Hope Adams

    Hi..Teri from PieandPolitix referred me to your blog. You are not alone! You are speaking and writing the beliefs that many, many women share. You have our support!

  25. poppylatte

    I really like your blog. I pray you gain more readers than you lose and “Take courage! HE has overcome the world!”

  26. KdStyleandGrace

    I will be honest and say that I do not share your political values…(as a single mom I need my voice heard) but I absolutely share your HUMAN values and have mad respect for your position and your fearlesness to espouse it. I am horrified that you would receive such disgusting comments and upset that these commentors would be any form of representation of my beliefs.
    I stand with God. (not against him…as I read in the response comments) and I can’t help but think that the nameless emailers who wrote such vile comments come less from a political perspective and more from a God size hole in their being.
    Holding on to the common belief that we all want a future of tolerance and acceptance for our children…

  27. nanagilbert

    Abortion is the elitist kind of discrimination, except for rare cases where the mothers health is REALLY in danger, it is always for some one elses convienince. Why is it okay to kill a baby in the womb and yet we don’t demand the same death penalty for the rapist?? Before time began, GOD knew that we would be where we are and what circumstances we would have in our lives at this exact moment in time, He knew our country would be where it is as well and for what ever reasons, HE allows all things for His Glory and divine purpose. We know He works ALL things together for good to those who Love Him and are called by His name. It is a blessing Angela to see you stand where the Lord has placed you and to be willing to pay the cost to follow Jesus. Many stand with you. I always have to remind myself that the unsaved don’t know what they don’t know….Ponder that. BUT GOD…

  28. Cheryl

    Another comment to tell you how much my friends and I love you and your blog. You’re not alone, sister, and know that when we weep and grieve at the callousness of the world, our Heavenly Father shares in our sorrow. Praise The Lord for our victory in Christ Jesus! He has overcome the world.

  29. à la parisienne


    I’m out of the loop on what has happened with Facebook conversations, but it sounds like the people who left ugly comments are most likely not your regular following. I’m speaking from experience here. Remember the birthday party bash and all of the nasty people who commented on my blog? They were people who were directed to my blog from another place, who had been fed negativity about me. “Stunned” as you put it was one of the most overwhelming feelings I had.
    I actually thought your Go Red post was a very creative, non-offensive blog post. The more I read hateful articles and comments regarding politics and morality, the more I am reminded of these verses from the Bible:
    I Corinthians 3:19 “For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God.” and Romans 1:21, 22.

    Stay the course, my friend.


  30. jewels in the garden +: )

    I am so sorry it turned ugly. So many have turned away from God and that’s where the hatred comes from. Christians have to remain strong. God bless you +: )

  31. msmarilyngray

    You go girl! Good for you for taking a stand for the RIGHT thing…If a lot of other people had, we would have a better Nation and world….unfortunately, we are about to reap the harvest of the moral disgust that lives where we do!
    Thanks for letting me vent,too.

  32. mama june


  33. Jules

    Just now catching up on your posts as I’ve had a busy week. It is mind-boggling how intolerant the so called “tolerant” left is. But this is to be expected when people call evil good and good evil. This nation is in serious spiritual blindness and decay. We are so shocked and horrified when a crazy man walks into a movie theater and murders people but the killing of over 50 million unborn children is called a woman’s choice. Sixteen trillion dollars of debt does not register with many folks. The Middle East and all of its troubles is so far from people’s minds because they’re so focused on themselves. This nation is reaping what it has sown. Keep posting the truth. Hold fast to your faith. Keep putting on the full armour of God.

  34. Freygirl

    All I see all over my Facebook is people making fun if Ann Romney saying she’s secretly happy she doesn’t have to live in a smaller house and people ripping on Mitt saying “The White House” a house Mitt actually CAN’T afford.” And status’ saying things like GET READY FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS, GAYS MARRYING, AND LEGALIZED DRUGS!!! THIS IS AWESOME!”

    It’s just sick!!! I’m SO tired of being told I’m hateful because I don’t think babies should be killed, we should keep marriage traditional.

  35. janet

    WOW..I am so sorry to hear about the nasty messages you received..I stand with you..The left will never understand the Bible and God..Their loss for sure..

  36. Buttonchief7

    Was kind of numb by the election results. And even more shocked by the smug attitude of some blogs which will no longer get any of my time. Guess Obama was right, we aren’t a Christian nation. Hurts to think of all the foolish people voting. The world says to tolerate. The Word says be holy. We are just strangers passing through this world. The best is yet to come. Thank you Lord.

  37. Genuine Lustre

    Love you Farmgirl! Your blog is a shining light in the darkness. A culture that tolerates infanticide is sick indeed.

    Yes, I cleaned out my FB friend list after someone hoped my family dies from lack of Obamacare, and someone else wished me a Matthew Shepherd Moment. They come crawling out like roaches, don’t they? Some people just can’t stand to see a happy Christian family.

    Regarding bees..we started with an italian variety I think…catch a swarm if you bees..

  38. Glynis

    I did try to leave a comment sooner but somehow it didn’t register.

    I wanted to say how sad and distressing it must be for you to receive such awful comments.

    Whilst I may not believe or agree with all of your beliefs (and I’m sure that you might not agree with all of mine) I would never dream of trying to get at you by using your children. It is a terrible person who would do such a thing.

    After having said all that – if I could lighten the tone slightly. Being in the UK I was aware of the election over there but not having followed much of it I merely thought your ‘Go Red’ post was a celebration of red lipstick!!!

  39. Burlap Luxe

    So sad to hear of this attack, it has happened to me random haters of women, your Mom was one who helped me in how I could delete the comment when I was so new to blogging…Haters gotta hate!

    Stay close to God, dwell in his tent, take refuge in his wings he has placed a sheild of armour around you.

    So brave of you to speak out, so cowardly of those who hide behind a rock.

    Blessings to you and your family.


  40. Anne Marie

    I know we do not talk but rarely anymore, and I do not read your blog daily….but with that being said, I came over here to see how your farm was coming along….

    knowing you, I was not surprised to see this post 🙂

    I just want to tell you how proud I am of your courage to speak the truth

    He has blessed you with this voice Angela…keep strong…like you already are

    The life of the unborn need to be protected…for God’s sake…it is worse than any holocaust imaginable

    Thank you for standing up to the pathetic losers that are accosting you…
    we can all learn a thing or two about that strength within you

    God bless,
    Anne Marie

  41. Carey

    Goodness gracious. As someone who might pass for liberal, I still think it’s appalling to see the vitriol and idiocy that people are willing to spout when they simply can’t limit themselves to disagreeing.

    As a mother of two children, I hate that anyone finds themselves thinking that abortion is a solution, let alone that a baby is a PROBLEM. In this respect, I absolutely agree with you and I cannot get my head around the argument many liberals have that abortion as a ‘right’ is a thing to hold dear. It’s saddening.

    Please don’t think that those of us who believe in equal marriage rights, health care reform, etc. are all of like mind. There are so very many shades of blue. 🙂

  42. melyssa

    Love you, even though I’ve never met you, girl!
    Your last sentence says it all.

  43. sandy

    Well, I have to say that I know how you feel. I remember the day I found your blog through your mothers and I could not help but come back over and over to view the pictures of your makeovers and your babies and your recipes. But, then one day I saw a picture of my Beloved First Lady with “Snubbed” under it and I knew that I would not be back for a very long time, because I sensed hate. And I hate, hate. The picture of my Beloved President Winning the Nobel Peace Prize that made you “ill”….again I sensed hate…I leave for awhile frequently. Not because you opinion is different from mine, but because I sense hate in your heart and that spoils the pictures of your makeovers and your babies and your recipes. So, yes, I know how you feel.

    Sandy..and yes that is my real name.

  44. Amy at Lake Country House

    LOVE YOU!! And completly agree with you. Uneducated people voting on social issues when our country is in an economic free fall. awesome….love your little farm progress as well!

  45. Amy at Lake Country House

    LOVE YOU! Love that you speak your mind. A bunch of uneducated people voting on social issues when our country is in economic free fall. awesome. Love your farm progress, looks great!

  46. Sweetpea Petunia

    Hello Angela, I am so very sorry to hear that you received such horrid comments from “Lefties.” I am not a conservative and I am not particularly religious to be honest. I’m seeking more faith in my life but have a hard time embracing aspects of the bible. (I have a gender variant child and traditional religion seem to frown upon that although my beautiful boy can not help the way he was born thus my floundering to find “our God.”) But, that is a topic that could take up a whole blog really so back to my comment….
    As someone who leans towards the left I want to apologize for the terrible behavior of the Lefties who left such horrid comments.
    I may not share all of your beliefs but I admire your passion and courage immensely. You are such a fearless go getter and your blog inspires me to live with more confidence, passion, and courage.
    Thank you for being so brave and sharing so much of yourself with us.
    The fact that we have different beliefs makes your blog all the more interesting to me because I feel it is so valuable to expose oneself to different ways of thinking and seeing things.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Sweet Pea Petunia
    (yep, hiding behind a make believe name. I have a hard time with “haters” regarding my gender variant son thus the make believe name for our privacies sake, I am not nearly as fearless as you but I am trying.) 🙂


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