I hesitated even posting this right on the heels of this mornings post about my little angel…
Today I traversed the stairs for the first time since the birth. No problem after the week of hanging out that I have been blessed with. I got the chickens to bed, Momma left, I jumped on the Internet (Joel is working tonight) and realized with a panic that the State of the Union was on and I was stuck up here with no chocolate…no wine…oh my gosh…I didn’t think I could stomach an hour of blather without either. So, I broke the Midwifes rules (stairs just once a day during the second week of recovery) and crept down for 72% cacao and a bottle of Two Buck Chuck Merlot…hey, if you think I am going to waste the good stuff on Obama you’re crazy…

Let’s pretend someone cares what I think…here is my play by play of tonight’s speech …Twitter style…

Why does Michelle always look like such a B- with that clenched jaw? And why does he always have to cock his head upward like that – he looks like such a snob.
The worst of the storm has passed? Is he kidding? How can he say that with inflation and a worse economy for our children on the horizon?
Oh good grief – the children. I should have my little Aidan send him a letter. Every time he gets a quarter as a treat he asks if Obama is going to take some of it!
If I hear the Wall Street/Main Street comment one more time I think I might PUKE!
Why is he talking so proper? Why doesn’t he throw down with that Chicago style accent he puts on when he visits back home??
Strained but hopeful? Oh boy, I could start a drinking game with the word hope? I might be sloshed by the time Joel gets home!
Our Union is strong? Is he joking? THE PEOPLE are strong but if you ask me, the Union is a mess! No one respects us, Korea, Venezuela, Russia, Iran…
“We all hated the bank bailout”? What is that, like giving a child a spanking and saying this hurts you more than it hurts me??
Oh, listen, the “root canal” thing,- he thru in that Chicago style slur!
Wait, you recovered most of the money you FORCED on the banks!!!!
Good lord, if I have to hear about the big bonuses one more time I might VOMIT!!!! Just lower my FRICKEN TAXES already – I don’t care HOW MUCH people on Wall Street make!!!!
Oh sit down Nancy!
You cut taxes hugh? Oh boy, I don’t know if I can stomach this.
“Slowly Slum?”
How about you just stop taxing the crap out of us? A new jobs bill? How about you just LEAVE US ALONE? I love how they talk about small businesses…we are a very small business and it’s not the lending that gets us, it’s the damn taxes.
You want me to stimulate the economy, how about letting me keep my money? Hubby brings home $1000 from a big painting job and what do I do? I set aside $250 to give the IRS? I could pay for a car with that money or go to Disneyworld for pete’s sake.
Clean energy and climate bill?
Oh my gosh, he’s on drugs. That stupid climate change bill is going to destroy middle class finances…
Isn’t the best anit-poverty tool around a healthy family with a mom and a dad? Seems like I have heard that before…
All I am hearing about is spending…this bill, that bill, this bill, that bill.
I’ve got an idea. A tax credit for “stay at home Mom’s.” You know, those of us pouring our hearts and souls into the future of America, those of us sacrificing a second income, and there are some of us who could bring in a VERY significant second income.
How about a tax credit for people who get and stay married?
How about a BIGGER tax credit for those of us reproducing at a rate that this country needs to sustain itself in the future?
How about a tax credit for people who stay healthy? (I suppose that would be “unfair”)
Hey ya’ll, Michelle told you to sit down and she meant it!
I wish San Fran Gran Nan would wipe that look off fer face – oh, I forgot…she can’t.
Oh! The laughter! Wow, he didn’t even flinch. No Drama Obama.
Sorry – I missed alot – had to nurse the babes.
Wait on the subject of defense we have strengthened partnerships from where to where? Last time I checked it didn’t seem like anyone respected us anymore.
“Responsibly leaving Iraq to it’s people.” Precious. Just precious.
“Make no mistake this war is ending and all of our troops are coming home”. …YIKES, did you see the pan to that General or whatever he was? He did NOT look impressed.
Would someone please remind me how a “Community Organizer” became the president of this country? This is excruciating.
Supporting military families…that is a no brainer. Think of all the money this government pisses away that could go towards taking care of our bravest.
What is that Canary Yellow thing going on down there? Goodness, there should be a dress code. I am blinded!!!!
Iran will face growing consequences? That is a promise? Really? Cause I am not feeling that. I don’t think Imalittlenutjob is either.
Oh gosh, I have to stop. It’s too much. I can’t look at Nancy any more. I can’t listen to this.
I can’t listen to anything about human dignity from someone who believes in killing the innocent…the unborn.
“If you abide by the law, you should be protected by it.” Hey, he said it, not me. I can’t remember the last time a baby in the belly broke any laws.
Don’t ask don’t tell…zoom in on the generals for a response.
Oh, and throw in securing the borders for good measure. What a joke, someone is dusting off the welcome mat right now.
Oh, sorry, I said I was gonna stop.
The sad thing is the Republican response will probably be a TOTAL embarrassment, what do ya bet?
Hope you found this more entertaining than our “great leader.” Sorry about the attitude I’ve been silent for a couple months now – guess it just had to come out! I’ll go back to cooing over my baby now…