Flowers for Christmas

Nov 10, 2020 | The Parisienne Farmhouse | 1 comment

It’s that time.

I’ve got plaid on the brain. Thoughts of Shiny Brites and cookie decorating and of course, a house brightened with hundred of Paperwhites and plenty of Amaryllis.

The year has been long and draining, like you, I’m tired. The wonderful things, the Holidays can redeem a bit of all that if we let them and so, I will NOT surrender the Holidays. I’m going to give them everything I have, with JOY and in sheer defiance to the rest of 2020. “I am woman…”

The Holidays are cozy to be sure, but it’s easy to miss my garden, even in all the festive decadence. Forcing bulbs for the Holidays and well into Christmas keeps things bright and cheery on even the most snowed-in days.

Having flowers for Christmas is super easy. You simply need to start now. A little dirt, a little gravel and some papery bulbs and you are well on your way.

Paperwhites should be started 4-6 weeks before Christmas to ensure Christmas blooms. To make sure I don’t miss my mark I’ll get an arrangement started every day for the next could weeks.

Nestle those little sweeties down in some pea gravel, water up to the top of the gravel, a bright spot (not direct sunlight) and you’re on your way.

You Amaryllis bulbs should be tucked into potting soil about 2/3 deep with about two inches around the bulb and given a good watering to secure them in place.

The Amaryllis is a regal flower, to be sure, but those darn Paperwhites can get a little floppy, especially if you don’t plant enough of them to support each other.

The trick is to drain the water when they get about 5 inches tall and replace it with a water/vodka blend. Just a little vodka will burn those roots and stunt the growth. This is especially nice if you plan on using them as a tabletop arrangement for Christmas. That was people can still see over the flowers to make their dinner conversation. Your solution should only be about 5-7% vodka. If you start getting up towards 10% you are going to hurt the plant. You can use the calculator here.

You might like to learn more by watching this video and be sure to tag me @parisiennefarmgirl over on Instagram. I’d love to see all your flowers for Christmas.

*If you need some bulbs you can shop here:

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  1. Nancy Settel

    you can also use regular alcohol and save that vodka for something more important!


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