Flower Pepepr

If you are like me you are busy planning your garden… tossing and turning at night… thinking about the new things in your garden that you want to try.

This year you MUST grow everything you need to make Flower Pepper.

I know I just included this in my savory steak rub recipe a few weeks ago

venison steak rub

but I thought I’d give some more details based on feedback…

Get out your seed catalogs and be sure to order Calendula and Nasturtium seeds.  And make plans to put in some lavender plants because you really must have this flower pepper in your kitchen.  It’s absolutely amazing (on scrambled eggs… oh my gosh!) and as I write my cookbook I can’t help but include it in so many recipes as it’s a staple in our kitchen!

Flower pepper recipe

Nasturtium are a MUST for your garden.  I plant mine right in with my kale and broccoli as it deposits calcium into the soil and kale and broccoli LOVE calcium.  Fresh nasturtium are excellent on salads and my girls have made it their responsibility to harvest the flowers and store them in a safe place in our kitchen as they dry out.


Calendula is prolific.  Once you buy seeds you’ll never need to buy them again.  Simply dead head the flowers for harvest as they grow and watch new flowers appear weeks later.  In autumn let them grow without cutting them back and watch their amazing, sea-urchin looking seed pods appear prime for the picking.



So let’s talk about how your going to make this stuff next fall!

Here’s what you are going to need!


I love rainbow peppercorns.

The color!

The flavor!

Did I mention the flavor?


Flower Pepper


Now dry out that lemon zest and throw everything in a jar and…


Pour everything into a grinder… et voila!

Flower Pepper

It’s so important for me to search out ways to make every day life more beautiful.  It may sound crazy but this simple recipe does that for me.  The entire process pleases me.  Planting the seeds, enjoying the fresh flowers during the summer and the fun of harvesting them with my girls.  The fragrance of the peppercorns when you dump them into the ball jar to shake them up and the fresh smell of the lemon zest!  I promise if you make this Flower Pepper you’ll never use regular pepper again.  I mean, look at it!  It’s gorgeous!  I just love seeing it on my counter and we use it every day and you will too!

Enjoy!  Enjoy!  Enjoy!

Parisienne Farmgirl