Before I gush unabashedly over my latest project I would like to say thank you for all the kind words, personal stories and emails relating to the “cowboy” post. Many of you had sad stories of how you were affected by the lack of “cowboys” but I was also encouraged to read that many of you are married to strong and often Godly men too. Thank you for the comments and emails.
“Cowboys” will be a feature at P.F. in 2010.

Do you remember “The Dress”
Well, it’s 99% done. (I, having no patience, could not wait to show you.)
I don’t know what to say.
I assumed I was going to waste $60 worth of silk and effort but no, it’s actually lovely. Now, hopefully no one will look too close because, let’s be real, it’s the third dress I’ve EVER made and the other two were “Easy Sew” patterns and this one…well, I bought a pattern for a basic guideline but more than anything I wanted to to look like the Janie and Jack dress. So, I ditched the pattern here and there. Making two crinoline over skirts, the top one having a double ruffle of crinoline that took me FIVE HOURS of cutting and basting and swearing! There must be 45 feet of crinoline there. No kidding.
Then the J and J dress had a cumber bun that the pattern did not have so … of course, I had to have it!

I did not dare attempt that ruffle and buttonhole on the original. The bodice is silk with a silk liner – Dupioni silk to be exact. I couldn’t risk ruining it. But still even without those details, it is lovely – I think it’s the classic and unique color combination.
Amélie RADIATES every time she tires it on.
Thankfully she was willing to try it on anytime I asked…here she is, moments before we decide on the length and design the cumber bun.

Her sweet birthday is next week, Christmas Eve.
Our little princess is IN LOVE with Cinderella, so that will be the theme of our party – don’t you think Creme and Navy is a lovely choice for an elegant, intimate Cinderella, Christmas Eve, Birthday Brunch?
The Momma is so excited.
Will I be making the Wedding Dress someday?
Goodness, I hope not.
But having a trunk full of homemade birthday gowns for a Grand Daughter sounds very romantic doesn’t it?
More photos to come next week on the big day.
The challenge was positively thrilling!!!
Now onto the next one … the HomeBirth of P.R. le Troisieme.
I am cleared to go into labor anytime after Tuesday!