There are things we have done to make the move easier for the kids…
Taking it slow we were blessed, our buyer was in “no hurry”, it’s a second home for here allowing us to take our time packing and leaving.
Painting the older kids‘ rooms the exact colors of their old bedrooms.
The excitement of the chickens (though it was a pain in the butt to run back and forth before the move every day).

And cutting our Christmas tree. 

I imagine it would have been much easier this year to keep the decorations in tubs and call it a day but we weren’t having any of that. And… bonus! The tree farm we always go to is now right down the road!!!

Cutting the tree is one of my most favorite things to do with my family. The kids always run wild, in and out of the trees and we measure, ponder and debate the attributes of everyone‘s favorite trees until we come to a unanimous decision.

We had to shove the boxes out of the way to make room for it but there is at least one corner of the house now that is sane and lovely.

 Aidan, my little photographer!




 No comments on my icky stretched out t-shirt! It’s all I could get my hands on!
 9.5 feet tall this year! We have 10 foot ceilings downstairs!