The Final Stretch…

Nov 14, 2009 | On Motherhood, The Joys of Pregnancy | 18 comments

Pardon the use of the word “I” in this post – sometimes I re-read these things and can’t stand how I come off like the biggest ego-maniac!!!!

The faux copper tin ceiling that led to the meltdown.

…or should I say, STRETCHING?

The beginning of the wrap up here in Pregoland.
I love pregnancy it just does not love me. I swear they should do medical studies on me or something – I am like a freak of nature. From week 6 on, if it’s not one thing with me, it’s another. Oh, if I could be like some ladies I know, all warm and gentle with pregnancy. Graceful and non-complaining. No puking and so full of, “Oh, I Love being pregnant!”
I am not really an “if I could do it all over again” person – not much for dwelling on the past, after all, I love me some Miss Scarlett and we all know her mantra, “Tomorrow is another day!” HOWEVER – sometimes I wonder if I had not waited to long to start a family if I would fair these pregnancies a little better. I got married so young (20) and waited TEN years to have a baby. After 2.5 grueling pregnancies and my head over heals love with Motherhood, I wonder if our culture doesn’t have the whole thing pretty messed up. I bet I could have done this a little better at 21. Hmmmmm….then when would I have taken all those trips to Paris???
Anywhoo – this is really just a post to complain but then the minute I start I feel guilty because I am so blessed, I think about getting pregnant and it happens (by the Grace of God) but I tell you what, those 3 months of puking all day long, the dreadful, gimping hip pain, the tail bone pain, the complete trashing of the pelvic floor and all it’s proper functions, the fire breathing dragon heart burn, the golf ball feeling in my throat that has me back to puking twice a day…well, it’s all getting a little old. Not to mention the sluggard like, complete and utter lack of energy. (Better yet, maybe making them and chasing after them at 15 years old is an even better idea!) I miss the old Ang, the bouncing off the walls at all hours of the day Ang, the hey, today I think I’ll work out, lift weights, make three pies, pull two tubs worth of weeds and make a four course meal and then want to Tango in the living room after the kids are down Ang.

Where is she? Lost in Pregoland. Her boobs are starting to do that thing where they begin to wrap around the sides of her back. The expanse of her thighs – well, it’s doing that east and west, third trimester thing. The old lady liver spots on her face seem to get darker every day and well, quite frankly, the gas is out of control. My diaphram is being squished like nobodies business and I don’t know how many more weeks I will be able to sing at church. When you are singing the melody…mic’d and can’t catch you breath you really can’t HIDE it! Screeeeeeeeaaaaaaaach!
But then, I imagine little starched white clothing, warm, needy skin and milky breath not to mention that “Thank the Lord I am not pregnant!” feeling!
I remember after 28 horrible hours of drug free labor with Aidan within seconds of him being born I sat up and practically shouted, “WHEN CAN I GO HOME!” I was rearing to go! (Aidan, sadly, was not born at home, they made me go to the hospital at 17 hours, 11 later he was born. We are praying for another successful home birth this time just like Amélie’s was!)
So, someone requested a belly shot and here is one (though not attractive since I was on the job with Big Daddy and the kids). He needed me on a job a few weeks ago so it was take your family to work week. That about did me in, I came home and had a little prego-hissy fit, one of those “I can’t stop crying, none of my friends have to faux finish a ceiling at 7 months pregnant!” fits. It was not becoming. We got paid well to do the job and, it’s got to be good for small kids to see how their daddy makes a living.
So, there it is. My fat rant. Please, please don’t get me wrong. I praise God every day for this baby in my belly but sometimes you got to let it out to the girls since hubby can’t really wrap his head around it.

This was a job I did 7 weeks pregnant with Amélie a couple years ago and they called us back to darken up the faux stucco and bricks. Joel does very good with faux finishes but with the more artistic stuff I get called in.

Praise the Lord for well behaved children. I am sure I am spoiled because I imagine there aren’t many who could take an almost 2 and 4 year old to a blue collar job site. They were SO GOOD! We did not even know they were there!

A view of the clients new bar, the additional stucco we did and the darkening all over.

Aidy-baby. What an imagination.

And finally – the belly as I try to get a handle for how much to darken up the walls. I can’t believe I am putting this photo on the web! YIKES!


  1. Belle de Ville

    Actually, I think that you look rather tiny for a pregnant lady!
    I was extremely fortunate that I did not have to work during my pregnancies because I felt sick virtually the whole nine months.
    I agree that the whole thing is easier when you are young. My daughter has a couple of friends who started having childen as teenagers, obviously not on purpose, but they kept the children. Yeah, there won’t be any trips to Paris for those girls, but they will hae 20 year olds when they are 38 years old, which is actually kinda cool.

  2. Deanna

    May God bless you!
    Enjoyed your post. You are at a terrific time in your life.
    d from homehaven

  3. Lorilee

    You look great! I will say that I had my first child at 20 years of age and the other at 30 years. It was much easier physically at 20!
    I love the faux painting!

  4. Jenn@Spejory

    God bless you, you’re just so CUTE!!! I really feel for you. The faux looks beautiful but I would not want to do it while pregnant either. I did it for several years and it was demanding enough when I was not pregnant. Ugh. I don’t blame you a bit.

    Love the breakway brick–that was always my favorite finish to do.

  5. Bonjour Madame

    I agree with Belle de Ville, you look fantastic and not at all big, in fact completely fit. Great job on the faux finish too.

  6. Homemaker Ang

    I AM HEARIN’ YA ALL THE WAY IN MICHIGAN! and I am dying laughing! YES, I know how you feel. I was so worried my children would all be in therapy after this last pregnancy while I laid in bed for a month at the end, deathly ill with I am sure the H1N1 last April… I watched the entire house fall apart even though my wonderful girls pulled the weight (no NOT my big butt weight) around the house!!!!

    Ok, I can give some info… YES it is WAY EASIER being pregnant at 21 than at 38 like I just was with number 6. WAY EASIER… but that is besides the point now right!

    quite frankly, my body is officially shot, YES, SHOT to crap! I have not even exercised yet and babe is almost 7 months but I only have to loose 7 lbs but things are WAY SOUTH! you know what I mean, ALL OF IT! upper, lower, east parts and west parts.

    no more playing kick the can for me either as I will for sure pee my pants.

    HANG IN THERE! i feel your pain and its going to be ok real soon and you will have all your energy back and all that.

    I just got mine back now…

    ps, you look fine just CHILL!i have some pictures i wont show anyone, even me of my very own self!

  7. Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm

    I have to agree with having babies as a teen is easier. I was 14 and 19 when my 2 was born and then when the grandkids came along I was wore out and couldn’t imagine them being mine. However you are so much more the wiser woman now than you (or I obviously) was in our teens or twenty’s and that will make you such a better mommy!!! You also have 2 big helpers around the house now 😉

    My daughter had her 1st at 17 and 15 years later is pregnant again at 32…….big difference in her energy level!!!!

  8. Jen

    What are you talking about? You look “all belly” to me! So adorable. Hang in there. You’ll make it!

  9. Jenny

    As has been said above, you look very cute. Thank you for posting your picture. I loved the time I was pregnant because I was finally “pregnant” (we had tried for two years–lots of tears and prayers)but pregnancy did not love me. I remember trying to help my husband finish out our home so we could move in before our baby girl was born. So I was helping put in base board at 8 months and I remember crying “whoa is me to be so big and yet having to perform manual labor.” when I truly knew I had a lot to be thankful for. The reality of how I felt all day, every day, really would get to me though. I had morning sickness, strange food aversions, and heartburn and was swollen all over. God definitely purposed for me to be an older mom because my hubby and I didn’t even meet until I was 30.

  10. Mrs. B.

    You’re adorable and lovely and all those other wonderful things. I’m pregnant w/ #3 as well and I completely understand your boob dilemma. Except that mine prefer to go south instead of east/west.
    And…I had my babies fairly young (I’m not 30 yet!) and I did NOT take any trips to Paris. (Yet) So pat yourself of the back for that bit of foresight.

  11. English Cottage in Georgia

    You are absolutely beautiful even in “the final stretch” as you call it. I cannot wait for the pics and introduction to the blog world of your new darling child.
    (understand the reluctance to use the word “I” – it is somthing that comes to my mind also when blogging or commentin)

  12. Mrs. B.

    Thanks for visiting Star-Crossed, Miss Parisienne! 🙂 I love a new commenter just as much as the next girl.
    I’ve been lurking for a few weeks. As much as a mama with two toddlers can lurk on the internet. I found your blog from my mom. She loves it! (And she’s a lurker, she’ll never comment.)
    I think I’ll do a little post on your blog this week. I love passing on new, fun blogs.
    P.S. Stop being a facebook party-pooper. 😉 But I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  13. Farmgirl Paints

    Oh you look adorable and no wonder you are complaining. I can’t imagine doing any sort of painting while that pregnant. You go girl.

    I have a little secret…I hated being pregnant too. I gained over 50 pounds with both of my girls. Who could enjoy being that uncomfortable:)

  14. Mary from Michigan

    I don’t know how you raise your arms like you do while faux painting during pregnancy! That always seemed to send a signal to my prego body that it was time to faint! I’ve tried pregnancy both ways– had my oldest when I was nineteen (unplanned honeymoon pregnancy), daughter Autumn 18 months later and daughter Katie at age 33. Pregnancy was a little easier when I was younger, although I was sick the whole time like you, but I was not gracious about it: I was very whiny! I believe that the children benefit from having older parents in some ways. Hubby and I are much more relaxed in raising our youngest than with the two oldest. Thanks for your hospitality on Saturday and for the great re-sale shop tip! What fun, and your children are A-DOR-ABLE!

  15. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Well…it’s so ironic that you posted this just before we met! I think you are absolutely lovely (glowing, even!) in your pregnancy…and yet I completely understand all those aches and pains. Next year at this time, you’ll have three lovely chickens to marvel at and all those aches will be a distant memory!

  16. Farmgirl Cyn

    WAY easier when I was young. Had Giselle at 19, Gina at 22, then Sam and Avery Frances in my mid to late 30’s. What a huge difference.
    You look great, tho, and it will soon be over!

  17. Faith

    It sucks that you have such difficult pregnancies. So not Fair sweetie. Great post!! Love you and you look great!!!

  18. Andrea

    Hello there dear! Hope you are fairing alright with the beautiful baby growing. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and have to say, I need help in the paint technique department. How did u learn to make things look old like that? the brick, the distressed worn glazes on the furniture and trim? Awh! So nice. do u have a resource you recommend?



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