The Final Fifteen.

Aug 25, 2010 | Uncategorized | 21 comments

Here go’s.

I am breaking my own rule.  
Blogging about weight.  
With each pregnancy I have gained between 40-45 pounds.  With the first I lost it in 3 months, with the second I lost it and 15 more in 8, and here we are… 7 months and I have lost 40 pounds and want to loose 15 more.
That may sound stupid, vain or just plain ridiculous to some but you know how frugal I am and there is still a very fun portion of my wardrobe that is NOT going to accommodate my butt at this stage of the game.
 and That’s just plain “waistful.”
I am typically VERY private about weight loss.  The only person I call if I am having the occasional “I feel like a tank” day is my Momma, she is always uber-suportive as she takes care of herself very, very well… and once or twice a good friend since the baby has been born.  I don’t yo-yo diet, and don’t announce if I am cutting down on sugar for a week or two.  When I go out for dinner or to some one’s house… I just eat.  I love to eat and that’s what you’re there to do after all.  I think it’s best to play the martyr behind closed doors instead of drawing attention to oneself that way.

It’s trés un-French to not be discreet about ones efforts…. 

I am really digging the fall fashions.  (September Issue post coming soon..)  I really want to have some fun.  And it “ain’t” happening unless this final fifteen go’s bye-bye.
So, as Oprah (insert a serious eye roll here) would say – I am “putting it out into the universe”, making it public as it were in the hopes that by putting my pride on the line, I’ll wrap this up this final 15 in a jiffy and get into some of those fun clothes, however old they may be.  Besides, “bulk weather” is coming, flattering sundresses and wide brimmed hats will morph into suede jackets, multiple midwest layers, pashmina’s and plaid!

I am not requesting advice, I know how it works.  Make consistent effort = get results.  I won’t be doing anything radical, just being a bit more diligent about my workouts, gardening a little more… OK, maybe I’ll cut back on the Bordeaux… sigh.  It will be worth it though.  Much more fun to sip champagne in a couple months in a little black dress and layers of pearls a-la-Chanel… mais sans “Spanx”

Get me?

Wanna join in the “fun”?  Perhaps you just have “the final five” to go or “the first twenty-five” to start?
I’ll update each week ’til I am done… not for any one’s sake but my own.

 In this case, it may be a handy thing! 


  1. * French at Heart *

    ~*~I just had to say Im so glad I found your lovely blog! Im with you on the weight loss..UGH.. after I hit 30 it was all downhill..oh and starbucks mochas dont help either!lol.I look forward to more posts~ Have a great day!!Rachel~*~*

  2. Adrienne


    I know you said you don’t want advice. But I couldn’t leave your blog without telling you that I recently lost about 15-18 pounds (since March) and I owe it to a great book called “Mindless Eating” by Dr. Brian Wansink.
    This book changed the way I think about my eating and I will never diet again. Ever. Dieting does not work. Period.
    I have about 5 – 8 pounds to go, but I’m not worrying about it because I know it will come off in due time.
    I ordered a copy from the library, but you can also find used copies from


  3. Tamra

    Lost it all plus some after each one?! Really?

    I still haven’t lost my “baby” weight since my last one. That was 17 years ago. Do you think there’s still a chance?

  4. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    I *HAD* to laugh at that Oprah-esque “putting it out into the universe” garbage. Please. I’m guessing she drives you as nutty as she does me.

    You’ll get it done, I don’t doubt that. And 40 pounds is tremendous, great job!

    Can’t wait to see you rockin’ the Fall fashions, m’dear!

  5. Joannah

    Good luck with that, my friend. I know you can do it.

    Me, I’m hoping to gain a bunch of weight! 😉

  6. cityfarmer

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. cityfarmer

    “she don’t know she’s beautiful” … sammy kershaw

    oh never mind, stupid song anyway …

    it’s funny how our minds usually click in at the same time … the birthday month always motivates … I’m 10 over what I was two years ago right now … but thank you for such a sweet compliment
    sooooo …
    just sayn’ …

    and uh hum the dang pizza tonight … did you notice I didn’t stop with the one piece decision I had made when we sat down? It was your homemade pizza, what could I do but eat it?

    all that to say, I’m in for 10!
    for me it’s the time of day (night) thing-y
    like right now as I’m typing and nibbling on TJ’s dark chocolate …

  8. Anne Marie

    how about this:
    I gain 15lbs and you can lose 15lbs!

    you will be the skinny girl next to this prego-lady!! 🙂

  9. Stephanie

    I have no doubt you can do this with ease. I’m on the same journey too, but with more than 15 to lose.

  10. Janelle - The Farmer's Wife

    that’s funny…exactly how much weight I want to lose, too…

    Now that I am back to work (teaching), I am hoping to be more disciplined! We’ll see! I am with you on the journey!!

    Just LOVE your blog! 🙂

  11. Victoria

    I’m with you on this.. I won’t be trying to lose anything for awhile, but this is the first time I’ll be actually TRYING to lose weight.

    As of yesterday, I’ve gained 30 lbs.. and I have 6+ wks to go…


  12. A Vintage Chic

    Hi, Angela!

    Just found you through Anne (“Fiona & Twig”)…so glad I did…LOVE your blog! Your photos are gorgeous and I love how you speak your mind–Bravo!

    As someone who’s FINALLY lost 55 pounds, and kept it off for the last year–(my favorite part of the accomplishment)–I say, “You can do it!”

    Since my last baby was born 14 years ago, it took me just a bit too long…too many years wishing I could fit into those adorable new clothes I was seeing…I’m still working at it, but I finally feel like I’ve learned how to eat…finally!

    And the only way it worked for me this time, was that I didn’t follow anyone else’s program. No books. No WW. Just me listening to my inner “me” about what I thought I should do to be healthy…what I thought I could live with for the rest of my life. It worked.

    Wow! Didn’t mean to take up all your comment space! I’ll be following along and will stop by often to say hello…

    Hope your day is beautiful!


  13. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison

    Hi Angela,
    Thought I’d drop over today and say hi. Saw you are featured over at Anne’s blog. I clicked on her link about people noticing you (sweet Fifi) and just had to see those jeans of Fifi’s again… wish I looked like that in my jeans.

    Hey, in regards to the weight. I think it’s good you’re putting it out here, there’s much support, well you know. I’d just do exactly what you’re talking about, work more around the house/garden and walk. Do you walk? It’s helped me a lot and my head always, always feel better if I get out there and move. I’ll check in with you during the week, it keeps me on my toes and will make me feel even more guilty if I skip a day walking. Take care… I’d better get off this couch now and move my vacuum cleaner and some furniture around this place.

  14. Farmgirl Paints

    I hear ya girl. I gained 50+ with each one and even though it’s been 7 years I still call it my “baby fat”…HA! I would like to lose about 5 and those are soooo hard. So I’m in. Let’s do it together. Anne sent me. She did you up real good on her blog today:)

  15. Julie

    Kudos to you for the weight loss you’ve achieved and for having a really healthy attitude toward dieting.

    I have a HUGE amount of weight to lose (I’m embarrassed to say how much)and have only lost 10 so far, so I am still at the “Lord, please help me get through this hour without frying up a big batch of bacon and fried potatoes” stage. I am the poster child for what NOT to do, even though I am fully aware of what I SHOULD do, and have successfully lost the weight in the past. My failure is in falling back into bad habits.

    It sounds like you’re doing all the right things, so I’m sure you will be successful with the final 15. Once you reach your goal, I hope you’ll share your “secrets” for keeping the weight off.


    Hello, found you from Anne. And very glad that I did. I just had my 5th child and have always lost all the weight within the 1st month. Of course I did breastfeed them all so that helped….but this last little blessings I gained almost 40 lbs and have yet to lose it all. I have another 10 to go, or just tone by stomach muscles dont care about the number. I have what looks to me like a turtle shell where my 6pack should be. I acquired a sweet tooth with her and Im trying not to snack on sweets. Let me know if you come up with a plan, right now Im trying to cut my carbs (Im Italian/Spanish) very difficult..those are our staples. I’d love to know what you try and your progress, keep me posted. Melanie @ Lucky 7 Design

  17. Bringing Pretty Back

    I AM JOINING YOU!!!! I have 60 pounds to lose , and I will be on that treadmill before I have my first sip of coffee tomorrow! Thank you for the motivation! We will be bringing back together.
    Have a pretty day!

  18. Tammy

    Hi! I love the blog, saw the shout out that Anne gave you!
    Your family is beautiful!
    What cutie pies your little kiddies are! 🙂
    Much luck to you on the weight loss journey…I’m on the same path…my goal is to drop 40 pounds in the next 4 months.
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Tammy 🙂

  19. Tina

    I appreciate your efforts to keep the weight thing a private thing…even if I think, from your pictures, you look fine the way you are!

    Because of poor choices over the past several years, I put myself in the predicament of not only losing weight for vanity purposes but also for health issues – dire health issues.

    So, 35 lbs. later (after 7 mos. of eating right most of the time and exercising most of the time) I’m only a little over 1/3 of the way where I should be.

    Any encouragement you need I will give. And, your humility will keep me motivated as well. Best wishes!

  20. Privet and Holly

    Good luck!
    I thought you
    looked fab in
    your gown at
    the Na-da Farm
    sale, but I DO
    know that it’s
    important to feel
    RIGHT in your own
    skin and that is
    different for every-
    body {no pun intended}!
    Looking forward to
    hearing about the
    xx Suzanne

  21. fairmaiden

    Well I think you look great. But I understand not being able to fit into those clothes that you so desperately want to. I am doing the same thing…quietly. Been going to the gym consistently since Jan. and am seeing results, just not the results I’m after. But I will continue on quietly, diligently until I fit into those desired cute clothes. My favorite part of this post is that you don’t chose to talk about weight and your reasons why…I so agree.


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