Here go’s.

I am breaking my own rule.  
Blogging about weight.  
With each pregnancy I have gained between 40-45 pounds.  With the first I lost it in 3 months, with the second I lost it and 15 more in 8, and here we are… 7 months and I have lost 40 pounds and want to loose 15 more.
That may sound stupid, vain or just plain ridiculous to some but you know how frugal I am and there is still a very fun portion of my wardrobe that is NOT going to accommodate my butt at this stage of the game.
 and That’s just plain “waistful.”
I am typically VERY private about weight loss.  The only person I call if I am having the occasional “I feel like a tank” day is my Momma, she is always uber-suportive as she takes care of herself very, very well… and once or twice a good friend since the baby has been born.  I don’t yo-yo diet, and don’t announce if I am cutting down on sugar for a week or two.  When I go out for dinner or to some one’s house… I just eat.  I love to eat and that’s what you’re there to do after all.  I think it’s best to play the martyr behind closed doors instead of drawing attention to oneself that way.

It’s trรฉs un-French to not be discreet about ones efforts…. 

I am really digging the fall fashions.  (September Issue post coming soon..)  I really want to have some fun.  And it “ain’t” happening unless this final fifteen go’s bye-bye.
So, as Oprah (insert a serious eye roll here) would say – I am “putting it out into the universe”, making it public as it were in the hopes that by putting my pride on the line, I’ll wrap this up this final 15 in a jiffy and get into some of those fun clothes, however old they may be.  Besides, “bulk weather” is coming, flattering sundresses and wide brimmed hats will morph into suede jackets, multiple midwest layers, pashmina’s and plaid!

I am not requesting advice, I know how it works.  Make consistent effort = get results.  I won’t be doing anything radical, just being a bit more diligent about my workouts, gardening a little more… OK, maybe I’ll cut back on the Bordeaux… sigh.  It will be worth it though.  Much more fun to sip champagne in a couple months in a little black dress and layers of pearls a-la-Chanel… mais sans “Spanx”

Get me?

Wanna join in the “fun”?  Perhaps you just have “the final five” to go or “the first twenty-five” to start?
I’ll update each week ’til I am done… not for any one’s sake but my own.

 In this case, it may be a handy thing!