style="text-align: center;">Just a quick update.
Like I said I would.
4 pounds lost!  We went out of town for a couple days… was enticed to eat the best pizza in the world that I can only get in this particular location… I understand you can’t blow an entire week at one meal and I only had 4 of those little square pieces but before we ordered it I was having one of those days where you walk by a mirror and think, “Are those MY collarbones?”
I love those days.
So many of you girls emailed me that you were on board so here is your “Ra Ra! You can do this moment!”
Crickets chirping.
Serious.  A little change goes a long way and think how good you will feel when it’s time to go to that first party of the Season and you are down a few instead of facing the “7” they say “everyone” gains at Christmas.
A few of you asked for pointers so here are a couple.  Many wanted to know how to even begin… my suggestion is pretty simple, since I am totally in love with food.
1.  Join Weight Watchers for one month.  Serious.  Not to become a slave to their system but just so you can get a real, mathematical handle on how much you are over eating on any given day that is causing you to not be able to make the scale move.   If you really like it of course stay on it but most people are not down with “diets” – they suck.  But W.W. really makes it very clear how much you are overeating.
2.  Read “French Women Don’t Get Fat” – Ok, perhaps that is cliché but really, I love this book, I have never followed her “write everything down” bit or ate leek soup for two days but this book celebrates food and flavor and her meal examples really point out how small the sensible meals are that a French woman might enjoy.  REALLY, you think you have shrunk your portions til you read her menu examples.  Again, helping you really get a handle on eating awesome food but just smaller amounts.
So, that’s it, this week just shrink it down baby.  Eat what you love, butter, cream, chocolate, just eat less.  Use a smaller plate, sit down for heavens sake, get a mirror out while you eat, whatever it takes.  Just eat less.
I have no idea how long the rest of the weight will take, I can’t be a total Nazi about it because as a nursing Momma I have a milk supply that I can’t mess with.  As it is now, cutting out my small 9 p.m. snack I wake up shaking with hunger… but even if it takes ’til the end of the year (good Lord I hope not) it will be worth it!
And now on to… The Final Thirteen.
More suggestions coming your way next week!