Fête Juliette Prep

Jan 19, 2011 | Full Time Family | 12 comments

This week in the Parisienne Farmhouse Momma is busy getting ready for
 The Littlest One’s birthday.  
How in the world is she going to be One?
We have a family dinner planned.
Wonderful family members will be traveling over 100 miles to join us and I don’t take that lightly.  It means so much to me.  Really, we all know what it takes to clear a weekend, fill the tank and head out in the cold.
As it looks now, here is the plan…
The décor for this “Fête Juliette” will be:
-Pink, pink and more pink
– Darling photo garland… DIY coming
-Tarnished silver coffee pots filled with roses… maybe a few feathers
-Of course, balloons!
The Menu:
Une Amuse Bouche 
Dijon Pork Loin with Gorgonzola Sauce
Potatoes au Gratin
les Haricots Verts 
Honey Wheat Bread
White Cake with Bavarian Creme filling (heart shaped cause, “Momma loves you Hoolie”) 
Honey Lavender Ice Creme
Everything from scratch and organic mais bien sur!
The entertainment will be the little goofball Juliette in a pretty dress and a gushy slide show full of photos of the last 365 days.
‘Should be wonderful!  
Celebrating life with family is such a joy for me.  
They tear me up and I go cry in private every time during the evening but I love celebrating my children’s birthdays.
I have heard of some pretty over the top one year old parties, huge, extravaganzas… that’s not my style but I will have lots of fun digging out lace and crenolins and whatever else I can to make this soirée chic and beautiful.  Not that Hoolie will care but simply because it will be fun for her Momma.
I am really excited about making it lovely and uber-girly with things that I already have – bummer is, I have NOTHING along the lines of pretty dishes.  Can you believe that?  What is up with that?  Somehow this summer I need to find a huge stack of vintage, creamy, crazed dishes with a little gold filagree… the kind most people would over-look that I can use for events like this.  White dishes from Target or Orange Vintage Lustre-wear are just not going to cut it for my little girly-Q.
And, my Uncle who is an INCREDIBLE interior designer (read: when I was growing up he did the fricken’ Governors Mansion on Mackinaw Island)  is coming to my house for the first time.  No pressure.  Kind of makes me want to take a match to my front porch and powder room if you know what I mean.  Have you even had a guest like that?  Where you wanted to put post-it-note disclaimers on something… like my chair with the stuffing coming out of it, like my red, painted bathroom floor that we thought would be a three month quick fix and now it’s three years later…
“Gentle Guest,
I know this bathroom floor looks like s – – -.  Please, don’t judge me too harshly.  We decided to buy groceries instead of new tile.”
Tell me that’s not funny and that you’ve wanted to do the same.
If I am not around for a few days – now you know why!
Good times are right around the corner!
Bonne Semaine Mes Amies!


  1. Julie

    You are so funny! I can so relate to your nervousness about your uncle seeing your home. Right now, I’m preparing to move, so my little apt. has 18 years of accumulated stuff either packed in boxes, sitting around waiting for me to go through them, or sitting in Hefty bags, waiting for me to haul them to Goodwill. Everytime someone comes to my home, I have to fight the urge to beg them not to report me to the fire dept. Or to social services. Or to the “Hoarders” TV show.

    Your house is lovely, so you shouldn’t worry.

    A happy birthday to Hoolie, from another Hoolie.

  2. Anne Marie...

    this post is hilarious….

    not only can I relate EVERY time someone steps in our home…love the post it notes idea: now THAT would be hilarious “i KNOW this couch is tattered…do you see all the children running around?” or “you are not allowed upstairs…end of story”

    just pump them up with your delicious sounding food and all will be well 🙂

    that menue sounds fantastic
    p.s. saw your potager thing on the sidebar – you beat me to it didn’t you…sure: take advantage of the me pregnant…

  3. Kalee

    I read Julie’s and Anne Marie’s comments and laughed my rear off! I think we all more than understand where you’re coming from. We’ve been going through boxes our parents brought out bit by bit and my living room is full of totes and things I’m not sure we’re keeping….have I mentioned I’m watching “Hoarders” to remind me not to let my sentimentality overwhelm me?

    I think the party sounds absolutely delightful. I thought of you a few weeks ago when I picked up some china by noritake that my husband and I agree reminds us of Marie Antoinette (I thank God for giving me a husband who is perfectly fine with my love of things like old chandeliers and tufted sofas).

    And will you be sharing some of these recipes? I cannot wait to see photos, I am sure it will be a beautiful 1st birthday!

  4. cityfarmer

    what … ASID … whoa … whatever …

    you’re cool

    I’ll check the thrift for some limoges

  5. Sarah at myyellowhouse

    I have no doubt you will pull of the beautiful and special party for her. You just seem to have that touch ~
    and don’t worry about your house…it’s gorgeous and I bet he doesn’t notice a little red floor! I bet he feels like he’s been swept away to France for the evening! Enjoy!

  6. Mrs. B.

    Oh Lordy. That menu sounds like heaven (in Paris). I know you’ll do it up beautifully. Can’t wait to see some pictures.
    We don’t do huge b-day bashes here either. Just sweet family affairs. No friends allowed until the 5th birthday and then it becomes a small friend party.
    No blow up jumpy atrocities in our backyard!
    (Just so you know, it’s NOT okay with me that Juliette is turning one. Why? That means my little man is well on his way to the first b-day too. Remember last year? We were fat and miserable…but at least we had eachother! Haha.)

  7. kathi @ traybella

    childrens parties are so fun to plan! enjoy the time with your family, can’t wait to see the photos of her big day.
    happy “birth”day!


  8. Theanne...

    c’est vraiment magnifique … all your plans will fall into place…then you will relax and enjoy and have your little cry! I love that you “keep it simple” I dislike over-the-top celebrations for anyone but particularly for children! A long time ago I painted the floor in a bathroom…it was rather fun actually because I could have exactly the color I wanted. And the post it idea is spot on…I like it! Your sense of humor is delightful! Looking forward to pictures when you have time…

  9. Tamra

    LOL! I love the idea of the little “disclaimer” notes.

    My best client who has the most gorgeous home I have ever seen is one of the most down to earth people. I have stolen many ideas from her home and implemented them into mine because I love her style. She is constantly asking when she can come see my home/barn. I keep putting her off because there is still so much to do. The idea of those notes really made me laugh. Loved it.

  10. à la parisienne

    Yes, I could use about 10 disclaimer notes to keep up around the house! We renovated our home 6 years ago and I still haven’t taken the plunge to buy curtain fabric for our livingroom and diningroom!

    I can’t believe Juliette is already turning ONE!

    I tell you what, your guests are going to enjoy every bite you lovingly cook. I would be lucky to make one of these entrées well! Last year I served quiche at Amelia’s party- not that impressive!

    Would you like to come cater an event for me? I’ve got a VERY special one coming up!

    I look forward to seeing la petite in her robe rose!


  11. Deb

    What hoot this is! Now, as for the guest you will entertain with trepidation…don’t worry, it will all be fine. He’s coming to see you, not your assess your decorating skill (which, if your pics tell the true tale, is tremendous). Now, to reassure you..I had a friend I was always a little uncomfortable around, because I felt …mmmm…”less” around her. She was brilliant, musically talented, beautiful, had a gorgeous home…the first time she visited me, all seemed to be going well. We had a little poodle at the time, and though she was a good little dog, I put her out while my friend was there as she didn’t enjoy animals. Just as our visit was ending, one of the kids let the dog in, and for the first time in her little dog life, she ran to my friend, circled, then pooped a big one right there on the floor.
    Yeah…I’m thinkin’ your party will make a better impression than that! Just don’t let the chickens in!

  12. Renata

    I hope the big party goes well ! Sounds like it will be wonderful!
    What wonderful family driving that far!
    I’m sure your uncle is coming to see you & not your home, so don’t worry!
    Have a wonderful time


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