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Favorite Paris Photos V

Vous avez raison, it’s not Paris. It is Mont St. Michel…another favorite photo from my last trip to France…sadly, 3 years ago…I had the island to myself. Someday I will get that journal up and running and you can read all about it. If you get the chance to “Google Earth” Mont St. Michel you will not be disappointed.
C’est joli n’est pas?

9 thoughts on “Favorite Paris Photos V”

  1. Angela – I was on my Moms PC this morning and it took a minute to load the photo for some reason – if you want to enjoy M.S.M without crowds you should go Mid-March when I did – otherwise I hear it’s shoulder to shoulder people on the streets.
    My hotel was 50 E a night – I can give you the name if you’d like.

  2. I still can’t see it, but I can see other photos on other blogs and the other photos on your blog. I use internet explorer though, maybe that is the problem.

    I would love the name of the Hotel! Thanks

  3. Hi and thanks for your visit. I’ll link you too. Too much blog to read here in one go so just jumped to all the garden ones. What a beautiful garden it is too. Lovely water features. The sort of garden I would love to take a stroll around…I’ll be able to do that via your blog. Your little boy looks a sweetheart too. Will be back soon.

  4. Welcome back…I see you’ve collected a few more readers! A blizzard is good for you once in awhile. I’ve been an ebay maniac and Jen has scrapbooked a whole book of Paris.
    Check out my old blogger site now entitled One Woman’s Junk.

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