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Bring on the PLAID!
Ok, I got the kids tucked in and Hoolie and I went to the bedroom to find something to wear!  Pretty fun to be able to fit into these jeans again, soon I hope they fit even better.  
I have always loved a really classic look.  Even in High School I loved a nice houndstooth blazer with good ol’ 90’s suade shorts and flats… I stuck out like a sore thumb the days I wore that outfit!
I love jeans, heals, a jacket and a sleeveless sweater.  I am ALWAYS warm so sleeveless is a must for me.  Move over M.O.!!!
 Working on those bi’s and tri’s… ain’t no way I am wearing a sleeveless sweater ’til at least a couple weeks from now.  But head on, in photographs on a blog you can’t see the “Hi Betty!’s” so this is my featured outfit for the day.
Jeans:  JC Penny, $30.00 Bought a year and a half ago.
Cream sleeveless Sweater: Paris, La City.  From my experience THE BEST cheap clothing store in the city aside from H & M, which now we have here, so that takes away from the thrill.  La City is found all over town, and of course on the Blvd. St. Germain near Odéan so it’s an easy find.  This sweater is 8 years old, as you can see by how short it is.  It is a little difficult to wear in the last few years with jeans being cut lower than they used to.  I have it in soft pink too.  I think it was 17 Euros.
Jacket:  I think I got this from the La Redoute catalogue years ago but I have no idea, that or something really cheesy like New York and Co.  (No offense) It was $40.  It is a little structured for me but I wear it on great occasion.
Scarf:  I think my Mom got this at a garage sale when I was a kid.  So let’s say less than a dollar.  Honestly.  I’ve worn it in High School 17 years ago, I’ve worn it in Paris.  I love it.  Sorry Mom, you can’t have it back.  It’s killer with a white blouse and black jacket too!
Shoes:  Anne Klein.  Originally $80 found them at T.J. Max for $40.  Love that brown patent!  Two years old.
Now, There are things I would change about this outfit if I could.  Were I 120 pounds I would put on skinny jeans so fast it would make your head spin, but then I would change the shoes to some killer red or black heals… I think this seude jacket would look so cute with a more feminine cut, even a peplum.  I would lengthen the outdated sweater too.  That would totally make it look a bit more “today” don’t you think?  I would never change the “Signature Reds” though.  I just love red lips.  
So:  Total outfit $130.00 but if you look at how old some of the pieces are… $130 spread out over 20 years?  Or even more conservative, the last eight years?  Not bad.
I know, it’s not really creative, but I wanted to share my uptight, classic side with you.
Oh, I have a eight year old red Coach hanging in the closet that I might wear on a day like today.
Bring on the plaid. 
 I love it!  
I’ve got a big pile of plaid ready to be made into a skirt sitting by the sewing machine and I can not wait to have time to work on it! 
 How will you add more plaid this fall?