So here is the deal.
 Fashion Week and a Final Fifteen update.
I have always wanted to blog about fashions but the fact is I am really intimidated by people out there with REAL fashions and REAL money to buy them.
What I can offer is my little wardrobe consisting of Target, Vintage and old Nordstrom and Parisian buys (From BEFORE children!)
There are no Hermes scarves or Minolo’s in my closet.  
But, the main point of the Final Fifteen was to be able to wear all that is in my closet (and of course to be have a bit more fun the next time I go to try on jeans!).  And so, here is my confession, This last week of the Final Fifteen sucked in that I did not loose any.  
Maybe it’s a hormonal thing.  
It’s probably a Panera thing!
I am still at it though and hope you are too.  Some weeks are just going to s-u-c-k. 
But I have no doubt I will hit my goal.
 (That seems to be my favorite word as of late – how tacky!)
As a part of the discipline that every stay at home mom in the country burbs needs and to celebrate FASHION WEEK
I will be diving into my closet and cramming myself into whatever I can.  Maybe you will laugh at my meager ensembles, maybe you will like them —- whatever.  You should do something everyday that makes you  uncomfortable everyday and this makes me uncomfortable.  But you Moms know it can be a constant struggle to not live in yoga pant and hoodies!   
And, are you loving the fashions this fall or WHAT!  Sorry, I still have not reviewed the September Issue like I hoped I would… (Why don’t you hop on over to Victoria and tell you to get to it!  She will do a much more insightful job than I anyway!  Tell her last tri-mester fatigue is no excuse… chop chop!)  But I am loving the fashions this fall that is for sure and I am soooooooo making myself a plaid skirt – I have always loved plaid so I am glad it will be a bit more accessible this fall… but you know what I won’t be wearing ?  Those stupid hairy, Chubacka boots from Chanel… even if I could afford them!  I can hear Coco spinning in her grave from here!  
Amélie’s two and a half year old commentary on the Chubacka boots coming later this week…
If fur, real or faux is in (and really, when is fur NOT in?  Call me Cruella but I love it!) then I will pass on the Chanel boots but this look by Dennis Basso puts me over the MOON!
I mean,  This just screams YUM!!!!  I think I have heart palpitations every time I look at this photo.  
So elegant… I can’t imagine wearing an ensemble like that!  Can you just feel your spine straighten as you imagine yourself wearing this outfit!??
 (images: google)
Back to real life.
Here goes nothing-
  This is me, a month ago on our Anniversary Dinner Date (You know, “Quick honey, take a photo of me for the blog and don’t make me look fat!” type of thing) and next week, I promise to have better “Final Fifteen” news… how is it going for you?
This was about all I could fit into that was approp for the swanky restaurant we were going to (le Titi de Paris!!!!).
It’s sort of MAD MEN meets ROME if you KIWM?
 The brown jersey T- shirt is something I have had for the last four years.  I should have bought three.  It was only $12 and goes so well under blazers… it’s perfect for layering.  This one is starting to show it’s age.  I love it with jeans, I love it with this skirt cause it’s so simple.  I love it with anything.
The skirt, alas, is also a Target goody, five years old – my friends don’t believe me when I say I shop at Target but I think, now granted, these clothes have no real quality, but I think that if you are on a serious budget (IE: Dave Ramsey’s get out of debt, “Live like no one else does today, so you can live like no one else does tomorrow”  plan) then I think, if you look closely at stores like Target and Old Navy you can find simple pieces that will compliment what you already have.  They are a great fix if you want to give into some corny trend or just need a cheap new black skirt.  My advice for shopping on the cheap (and by cheap I mean, this skirt was $27.99) is to avoid sweaters, cheap sweaters are never worth the money and avoid thin, crappy t-shirts (stay away from anything with writing please!), and most of all PRINTS.  Solids rule for cheap clothes. Prints from inexpensive stores, for the most part look just that: inexpensive.  But I have found linen pants, corduroy blazers, little black dresses… all on the Target racks.
The bracelet, I got off my Gramma’s garage sale pile!  It’s from the 70’s I am sure.  And sure, it would have been easy to put on black vintage glass beads but I think that would have pushed the outfit in another direction.  
OK, so the t-shirt lays nicer when your arms isn’t draped over hubby but this shot isn’t about the t-shirt, it’s about the hair.
If you have not seen the move “Priceless” yet (Hors de Prix) then sign on to Netflixs the moment after you comment on this post.  The clothing is TO DIE FOR… and oh, to be able to go braless like a 90 pound ingenue!  And her hair, well, I got that cut a few years back and I will be getting it again in a few weeks when I visit my long lost stylist Andrés!  But the scene towards the end, where she hits a big party… she has her hair pinned up creating a sort of faux-bob and since then it has become a fav for me.  I do a very low to the ends sort of incomplete pony tail and then pin it under leaving my shorter layers out in the front – does that make sense?  You will see my inspiration if you watch the movie – long story short, it’s a modern, French, Breakfast at Tiffany’s… so yes, she is a prostitute and no, I would not watch it with a teenage daughter – killer fashions or not!
The shoes – my “Gladiator” shoes are Vera Wang from Kohls… on clearance for $12.99.
I LOVE THEM!  And the day I bought them I needed a SERIOUS fashion, update fix.  I used to live ten minutes from the 2nd biggest mall in the country, but around here between the garden and this super casual area, it can seem like you are dressed up if you are not wearing sweatpants.  That can wear a girl down, being so far from Nordstrom and Arden B.  Alas, these shoes made me feel pretty snazy.  This photo is dreadful but they look rather nice in person.
And of course, as you already know, you loyal readers you, on the toes?  
“I’m With Brad” by Sephora!
And last. but not least.  The “Piece de Résistance” my vintage, 
“Place de la Concorde” leather purse.
I bought this at a little resale/junk shoppe at least 12 years ago and paid… you guessed it, $12.00.  I love it so much.  That scene is on a lovely fabric with a bit of a sheen, the inside is immaculate… my imagination wonders if it is part of a collection?  Can you imagine other cities or other scenes of Paris???  I only carry it about 3-5 times a year but it is beginning to show a little wear on the edges.  I’ll have to do something about that.  It has got to be 30-40 years old but I will never stop carrying it and for $12.00 I can afford to take it to a pro someday to see if there is anything we can do to sustain it as long as possible.
  So let’s review: 
The skirt and the purse were the glam and the t-shirt, gladiator shoes and the simple tortoise shell like bangle kept it, I don’t know, more relaxed, along with the loose curl, carefree “bob.”  
Not horrible for a $53.00 outfit is it? 
 I know it’s nothing special but it did the trick and trust me, being debt free in the next 18 months with a big Ball jar on the counter filling up with money to go back to Paris is going to be way “chic-er” than anything I could run out and blow $300 on today!
So, this is Fashion Week… I am anxious to know how you budget your wardrobe and are you ready for another outfit??

PS Dear Friends:  It’s all about the Ladies over at Mars Hill this month.  
Just what does a lady talk like anyways? 
She probably doesn’t say “sucks” all the time like I do!